Hello from your new Community Manager


I’m Jess Damerst and as of today I’m your brand-new Community Manager!

A bit about me: Originally from Florida, USA, I hail from a land of beaches and hot weather. Some where between majoring in Game/Animation Development at University, I started writing about video games for Game Pro on the side. Thus begins the long tale of my journey from gaming journalism to community management. I’m a people person, I’m a gamer, I’m passionate; Put these ingredients together and Community Management ends up being the perfect place.

Evolve was one of those games I was dying to be a part of from the moment it was announced and I’m beyond excited to be part of it now. I don’t want to talk about myself too much, but rather I want to hear more about you guys. My job is pointless without all of you.

If you’ve got a moment, I’d love an introduction from you and to hear what you’re most excited about for Evolve. Feel free to ask me questions, I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.



I’m Plaff (“Evolve Sherlock”) and to be fair, I don’t really know what I’m most excited for. I’ve already played as Goliath in Birmingham, so I have a rough idea of what playing as the monster is like.

So at the minute, I’d say playing as a hunters could well be what I’m most excited for, but there’s so many other things I’m excited to see as well! Mainly new monsters


Hello Jess!
One thing that has impressed me so far is how open and friendly everyone in Turtle Rock has been, and you seem to be a great addition to that team.

I’ve been a PC FPS gamer for 15 years. Used to play competitively in leagues, but I tend to be more casual nowadays. I still want to shoot dakka dakka at players though, and evolve seems to be a nice blend of causal and competitiveness. L4D also had that, but all the rage quits and trolling did their toll. My dream would be if someone would combine Jurassic park, Aliens and predator into a game. Wait, yep that’s evolve. Its like playing monster hunter with 3 other friends, against an intelligent, unpredictable monster that is also hunting you too.

There seems to be a good amount of interest in creating ideas for new monsters. I wonder if, eventually, you could do updates on the thought process behind the creation of the monsters.


Call me James, James Bond


Hello there, Jess!

I am SlinkyGuy, AKA Gentleman AKA The Big Douchebagski AKA Thomas Henry Ward (the Third) AKA McLovin AKA an Idiot!

But you can call me whatever you want! I do not mind! Nice of you to introduce yourself, I am looking forward to you being acquainted to us all and hope you have an excellent time with us here on the Evolve community! But please do not ask me too many questions about myself either, I am shy! :blush:

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention I will be getting Evolve on the Xbone, since most of my chums will be playing on there and I don’t have a decent enough PC to play the game on. Granted it would be better on PC but I do enjoy my console gaming a lot! :smirk:


Evolve Sherlock, nice.

Amazing, glad you’ve had the chance to give it a shot. Playing as Hunters is AMAZING. Your excitement is well-placed.


Fantastic! Community is a big part of making games. You’re gamers, we’re gamers. Simple.

Yea that’s a cool idea, it’s no small task creating those monsters. We’ll see what we can make happen :smile:


You got it.


Well, the title was bestowed upon me by @chloe, and I’ll happily accept it. Are you currently a console or PC gamer by the way?


Well, I’ve always played on all platforms but recently someone stole my consoles… so it looks like I’m 100% PC gamer these days :wink:


Neat! You can also respond to what I posted anytime too! Since you responded to everyone else! :smile:


Hehe nice names. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with everyone!

Xbone – nice. Console gaming is just as awesome as PC gaming, IMO. Different beasts, no?!


We did get to do a little bit of behind the scenes on Monster creation with our article on GamesRadar’s website. But I know the devs would love to be able to do more. It’s definitely on our list and hopefully @DamJess and I can get something together for you all in the near future.


hello Jess i’m Major.


Hi Major. Nice to meet you.


Hi Jess, again. I’m Rexx Doom from twitter. Or Tim. I’m 38, married, armored car driver from Va. Big sports and fighting game fan. So happy about MKX!! I’ll be playing on PS4. Looking forward to hearing from you as this October nears, and don’t forget my beta invite…lol.



I’m excited for MKX too! I luv fighting games.


Hello Jess, I’m Brandan. Former army brat/pilot/gamer. I live in michigan and I’m most excited for any new information that I can get lol. But seriously I’m pumped to play a game that’s different


Hi Jess, I’m Blankman. I’m a teacher, father, husband, and gamer (dating way back to Atari 2600). Sunny So Cal is where I’m from. I’ve been gaming with the same group of guys and girl (1) for ten years now. Our tightknit crew plays a lot of team-oriented games, and we simply can’t wait to get Evolve on our Xbox Ones. I’m glad to have you join the band of misfits here at TRS.


Hey Jess, I’m Scott and Evolve is totally the game I’ve been dreaming of. It’ll probably surpass all of my other favourite games, and become my all time.