Hello awesome community how are you? What is new around Evolve?


Hello everyone how are you fellow hunters and monster lovers doing? I honestly hope you all still and always keep playing this game and have fun while doing it.

This is not my first post in these forums, Evolve has been a new genre and animal for me to explore, Quake and Doom were the first person shooters or shooters that i play mostly way back in the day so this one is a new universe for me, but i don’t see Evolve only and strictly as a shooter, there is much more in it’s core and i hope things will come more and more to the surface as time goes by.

To be honest i have not played much of Evolve recently because of life stuff and because i’m playing other games but i will never go away i learned to love this game, i started seeing streams back in the pre-alpha stages and i’ve grown curious about it and i was at a point undecised about getting the game or not and i did and it was one of my best decisions as a gamer…and i’m a guy that comes and loves mmorpg, rpg universes.

I’ve learned to like and love Evolve, and i’m always curious to learn and search more about the game, i really wanted to learn more about the lore, about Shear, about the hunters, the monsters the wildlife…or even is thereany more planets in the universe of this game?

Of course there are people that don’t like or even hate this game, or that say that it sucks but manage to have 500+ hours of time playing it, and those (like me that love the game) both visions are in my opinion respectable, but making, and developing a game is something that takes alot of time, worj, dedication as some would say blood, sweat and tears so let’s give the devs a chance, and to be honest i don’t care about all the negative feedback that this and another games get. If you love a game and care about it just ignore the negativity and enjoy your experience.

For the people that love this game i hope you will stay here and for those that dont like it much or at all i hope you stay as well and mybe with time get to like this universe we must all UNITE and keep (all the community) pushing forward!

I have been away of the forums for a while i know tahat a new set of hunters and Behemoth got released alog with 2 new maps but there was a gap in between…so i’m asking if anyone could tell me please if there are other new things in the game or something new announced?

Sorry for the long post i missed this community feels great to be back. Happy Hunting in Shear!!! LYLT.


Nothing really new. Typical b*tching about things that are too difficult to fight due to lack of commitment or understanding. People wanting TRS to basically remove the Buff system because it is just too hard to grab the buffs before their opponents do, not to mention every Monster and the future 5th one being OP, because this community is becoming toxic and favors hunters mostly.

Welcome back btw. <3


Pretty much exactly what @Hexin_Ex stated. I never have problems “evolving” to the new patch changes. But it’s getting ridiculous. Everyone’s bitching that it’s too hard on BOTH sides. Now they’re even reducing mastery challenges. I’m still playing the game, just getting sad at what’s slowly happening to it. But that’s why I still beat people. To take it out on them and also to show it’s bullshit most of these patches. :’(


Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: well every online game these days receives patches ones can be and will be better or worse than others, maybe now things are unbalanced or monsters are OP or some hunters are OP to learn from this and maybe get a feedback about what not to do so that the devs can prevent this in the future.

Complaining and bitching doesn’t resolve nothing it only gets things to a worse state,to be honest in the online games i don’t read patches with close attention maybe i should but i just want to play and have fun, i got to know cool people in this community people that i got to change some comments here in the forums and add on my PS4 and get to game with, and that should be the most important thing to get to meet people change opinions even if they are different and game and have fun together.

Since i started this game my focus was and is the fun yes but also to learn, there is a big learning curve into Evolve and that gives me the will to learn by myself and hear advice from players and learn from them, make friends in the way, share experiences, that’s a TRUE community and toxics or toxic people don’t belong into the gaming world i stay away from them same as i do in real life, i’m not letting them ruining my experience in the games i bought because i want to learn them andhave fun while doing it.

One thing i know i will stay here, the progress can be slow but it’s still progress and human beings learn from mystakes, if a patch is unbalanced now it can be a big step to improve things in the future.

If people don’t like the game stop playing it, go for another gaming experience, or do something else and maybe one day you will be back, but dont tell me that you hate a game, any game, when you have like 500 hours of gaming time in it, or maybe those people lack skills and this is not theyr territory. I know that isn’t mine territory and this feels new and fresh to me, but i see that as a reason to overcome obstacles and keep pushing forward…and not a reason to complain about it or say this is garbage lol. Everything takes time to have a % of perfection…let’s give it time OR make a better game than this.

Anyway Evolve team and community i love you all and i love this game and i feel proud to be part of this experience.


Here’s some canon stories from the writer at TRS

There’s some stuff about the wildlife in the Hunter’s Quest App (but requires you to grind a bit to get the info), or in this thread there’s some milestones which cover different stuff


Hey Splat! Good to see you’re back. You mostly just missed a few community events and a few changes have been applied to the game through micro patches and stuff.


Hello ladies and gents good morning thank you all for the feedback so i guess i have some lore to read.

But honestly the state of the game is as bad as people say it is?


Hi Gems how are you? I have been missing this community and playing the game but as i said i’m playing other games at the moment and real life stuff is keeping me from dedicating myself to Evolve. But i lurk in here and i see comments of people saying that the game sucks or that it is in a bad state of things…is that really true? From what i see on streams or read here at the core of it doesn’t seem that way.


Oh hey! I have a feeling I saw you around in the past!

Either way, There was a big balance patch pushed a couple days back, regarding buffs and Hunters mostly. Please remember that albino wildlife is going to kick your ass because of how OP it is now. :smile:


Glad you’re back! :smile:

I personally think people are exaggerating a bit in regards to the buffs and nerfs. There are some bugs showing up and all. I’m not one to judge about the situation because I haven’t played the game much recently because my exams and projects are coming up. I still think the game is far from dead though :wink: