Hello? Anybody Home?


Is anybody still here? Whether you still don’t have your copy, can’t play yet, or some other reason, this is a thread for those of us still holding out. I know it looks grim, and I know you’re despairing, but the night is darkest just before the dawn.
Stay strong, friends. We’ll make it through this together. Yes, you too, @DarkMesa ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Bog skin Goliath
Steam forums need another purge

Mine’s unpacking as we speak ;_;7
Edit: Done unpacking…but where’s the patch…?


I’m verifying cache so I’ll be abandoning you Nash.


It’s alright, you’ll be on soon. Sympathetically rubs back. I have to wait a whole week…


What demi-god, old one, abrahamic god, pagan god did you piss off to make you wait a whole nother week.


Edit: Wops, didn’t mean to reply.
Also, I feel you on that another week thing; you’ll make it through it with streams and the like. I believe in you /._./


Looks like its just you.


Now you’re just trying to make me cry. It isn’t working. Well, perhaps a litttle…

…All of them?


I don’t think she’ll make it.


You underestimate my…my…Breaks down.

Well, new record- 10 minutes!


Stay strong. :monster:


I’M IN SUCK IT MONASH… i’m so sorry


Mine crash at the end of every game I play which gives me some time to check out the forum. ^^


I will suck nothing of yours. Just a few more days, and you will suck my Goliath’s stage one win. :smirk:


WELL THEN; it appears that I didn’t need an update…Or maybe I do and there’s an issue. Is there any way to check if I have the update? (I just watched the intro cutscene…MAN that is still exciting)


I will destroy you if you are PC otherwise I will laugh as you destroy others.


Try verifying game cache.


I am, coincidentally. May we #shrekt many Monsters.


Theres a steam profile link in my account and I’m from Canada add me if you ever want to play together.


Working at the moment. At least you guys are verifying that damn cache.