Hello all people of turtle, I need your help chek it out!


Dear turtle rock studios:
Hello, my name is Victor, I’m from Mexico, I live in a small town called Tenosique who is in the city of Tabasco, I used to live in Mexico City but moved to this small and peaceful town, I have 38 years old I am happily married and have 3 small children, thank God. You may wonder. What is so wrong with this guy? well, it’s easy. I love video games as much as you do, I played video games since I was a child, and today is my passion and I like a lot, I am a follower of you since half life and conter strike i love the work you do whit the Leaft 4 dead and I so glad top lay yoor games, you know?, I wanted to be a video game designer, but the economic situation in my country and my family did not allow me to go to study at your blessed country, but that remained in the past, today I’m happy just playing video games, but because I have a family to support, the money I earn is not enough to buy games and stay updated with much effort I bought my 3 system, Xbox one, ps4, and the wii u, and let me tell you that here in Mexico video games are doubly expensive than in the US, so I wondered, how could buy the latest games … this is where you come to my rescue, I imagine that you receive free gift codes download and you can give them away to friends, or that developers give away for you, and maybe, just maybe, you should have any code to me, to help me with this problem I have, which I have no money to buy video games, so you guys from turtle studios please help me , I’m a fan of you and I’ve been waiting so much for EVOLVE, i thing is a Revolucionary game ,so this is the reason for this letter, any of you friends with any game and does not cost to you, so please help me friends of turtle to play your game Evolve im loking foward, I can be your partner from Mexico. please help me, today it launches evolve So im very happy you achive that goal and i wolud like to Congratuletions all the team to make posible this awsome game …. … so please help me, because if help me, God also help you. I’m doing it for the love that I have video games, is my passion that pushes me to do this, thank you very much for your time and hope you can help me Thanks. HASTA LA VISTA BABY


I mean since you bought all the latest consoles, saving up for Evolve won’t be a big challenge for you.


beleve me Yes it is and there is not only evolve that im missing, there are so many others game that I want to play andI cant buy, but Evolve really like me, so maybe you are rigth some day I will buy it :anguished:


No te van adar un juego gratis


Gracias por el apoyo :frowning: si esta es la verdad, tendre que ser mas realista


Sorry, pero que podemos aser ? Cuanto cuestan los juegos en Mexico?


LOL nice try, OP


el juego fisico cuesta $76 dls :frowning: pero por lo regular los compro digitales mucho mas baratos en $50 dls y los descargo a mi sistema solo si alguien tiene 10 dls gift card que le sobren seria muy bueno jaime, usted donde vive?


Sorry no tengo un gift card y vivo en los estados unidos. Pues, si compras el juego un dia para el xbox, puedes mandarme un friend request. mi gamertag as mrjaime 18.


Ok i will add you now