Hello again to TRS and the Evolve Community


I played in the beta, pre-ordered, and had my fair share of time spent in Evolve. The game had a rocky launch, and I was disheartened by how things went. I won’t get into detail, we all pretty much know exactly what happened. Eventually, as the game’s player base dwindled, I too left despite my love for the concept if not the execution of this game.

I’ll get straight to the point here.

I find it admirable, that despite the games hardships and failings, those of you at TRS are still hard at work diligently trying to save this game, which at its core an amazing experience. I’ll be there for title update 9, to support you guys, for all the hard work you put into this game I loved, and all the work you guys put in to trying to make it better.

I look forward to playing with all of you again… take it easy on me, I’ll be rusty. :worried:


What do you play on?


I play on PC, I actually haven’t tried the game since I got a new graphics card either. I’m looking forward to see how it looks on settings higher than “Potato”


I actually play on PS4
So good luck
Happy hunting. :monster:


Happy hunting to you as well. :wraith:


Welcome back and don’t worry everyone will be rusty X-D


This is an understatement, I’ll fucking suck.


Evolve post-patch will be like:


Well I hope it works! I ended up getting one because Wraith kept crashing my game after I tried to Evolve, oh wait that was a fixed bug.

Well I hope it’s still better than mine haha


Add me! (my steam name is on my profile page) I am always looking for comrades in arms who love to play Evolve on PC.


Invite sent, look forward to hunting with you!


Hey there, feel free to add me as well. I don’t get to play all that often but I am always up for more Evolve!


Stalker :stuck_out_tongue:


I played a bit today, worked some of the rust out. Quickmatched. My hunter play was lacking pretty bad, no missed domes as Trapper but definitely missed opportunities for early domes. I feel I did okay as Hyde… better than a bot at least >.> . I couldn’t medic for the life of me, but that was never anything new. Did pretty well with early aggro wraith though, and hitting some good rocks with Goliath.

Probably would have lost my second match as Wraith though if I didn’t snag a health regen buff to push for the early strikes at stage one in the dome. That won’t be a thing in TU9 since they are on timers. Need to work on not tunnel visioning when someone gets low, gotta be more patient.

Overall I had fun, If I wasn’t hyped for TU9, I sure as hell am now. The no cloak during decoy thing will take some getting used to, I’ll miss that damage mitigation and potential feeding in the dome. I’ll definitely have to alter my play style a bit, but with 4 skill points the DPS spike between current and TU9 should be pretty insane.


Mine is MightyPhyscheKoN I will join you all too when is the update coming out?


Add me for steam. I used to be top 100’s for Hyde. Used to play nearly everyday religiously till the community tournaments started. This thread got me a bit excited for the new update. anywhere I can get some news on it?


We will presumably discover the release date for the freequal on this Thursdays livestream.


Pumped you’re here!!