Heavy rain on a map can flood the map?


Okay so, story time
The other day I was playing on-
…What the hell what map was it?
A desert one, atleast. With acid water.
Okay so it was raining really heavilly on the map, and eventually the rain stopped, and I noticed something I’d never seen before, like ever!
The ground had a buttload of puddles!
And, and, the acid pools? Were watery! I think?
Rendering plant, that was the map.

But really, did anyone else know about this? Am I just super slow o.o?


…no clue what you’re talkin about O.o


I swear I’m not CRAZY :cry:
The other day I was playing on rendering plant and after a downfall of heavy rain, there were puddles of water everywhere on the ground, and I coulda sworn the acid water had turned into water ;_;


I’m so confused because I never pay attention to the ground so it could be a thing BUT I DON’T KNOW HALP


I’m confused. I thought you were talking about the game ‘Heavy Rain’ being inside the map… :joy:


Oh no no
Heavy rain, man what a game…


I know! David Cage is a smart man


I played it all through one day, it was incredible, my boyfriend was there like
“It’s 9pm”
“you’ve been playing on and off since 9am”


That game definitely changed my views a bit :smile:


There’s a map effect on evac where the ground floods, maybe the game slightly glitched and added that effect to a normal game of skirmish


Heavy Rain was a pretty decent game if you ask me.

…That’s not what this is about, is it?


No. But it turned into that. D:


yep its true - i had the same on weatherstation