Heath Regeneration buff for monsters is weird


I’ve had disagreements with other community members in the past about how the HP regeneration buff actually works because it seems everyone has a slightly different idea of the rules that govern when you’re allowed to regenerate. I’ve heard people say that you can’t regenerate in combat. This is not true. Here’s proof:

As you can see in the video, Lazarus bot shoots me with his rifle at 0:17. Since we know the combat state lasts 10 seconds I shouldn’t be able to regenerate hit points until 0:27 assuming I leave combat right? Except I clearly regenerate hp at 0:21, 4 seconds later (even faster than the 6 seconds it takes to start regenerating armor after taking damage). I’ve seen my health regenerate in combat many times as monster, but the rate definitely appears to be far slower than normal regeneration. I have no idea how much it is slowed by though. This led me to test how taking damage affects this buff, since I’ve also heard other people say you can’t regenerate hit points while taking damage. This is also not true. Here’s proof:

Skip to 1:15 and watch my health bar if you want to see it happen. Notice that at 1:21 my health regenerates even though I never move from the fire and never stop taking damage (I take non-stop damage for at least 30 seconds prior to that regeneration). Observant watchers will notice that I barely ever regenerate hp while taking damage throughout this video, and the hp regeneration buff doesn’t restore anywhere near its maximum potential of 3000 hit points. Golaith has 18,000 hit points at stage 3, meaning that each of his 11 health bars is worth ~1636 hit points, but I don’t even regenerate 1 full bar over the course of the video and I was not even in the fire for at least 40 seconds.

Anyway, I have no idea if any of these facts presented here are bugs or intended mechanics. Health regeneration definitely does work while taking damage and while in combat. I’ve never heard the devs talk a lot about this buff or state its intended mechanics explicitly, but I just wanted everyone to be aware of these mechanics, because almost everyone I talk to about them is ignorant of them.


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I only read half of it, but it’s not that it doesn’t regen in combat, it’s that it doesn’t regen when HEALTH damage is being done


Ha, I’ve never actually heard anyone say that before. If you’d read the post though you’d see that taking armor damage definitely does have a notable effect, but it doesn’t stop the regeneration.