Hearthstone Card references Evolve!


Look at that pose/lighting combo, that’s clearly a nod to Goliath! Fantastic, Blizzard.


Or, if anyone can’t see that link, http://imgur.com/ZxLqQNo


Is that legit? I havent seen that card before nor does anyone seem to talk about it .-.


Its part of the new expansion, coming soon!! I think this week?

Now, its not a collectible card, its one of two choices from a druid “choose one” effect.


AAAAAaaaaaaaah I see! I’m with you now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s a really far stretch to say that it references Evolve tbh. It’s a normal druid armor type card and the monster is an armored bear. I think it has more reference to Red Alert armored bears than it does Evolve :frowning:


Nah, dude its all about the pose! That creepy, back over-the-shoulder look? They’ve been using that in Evolve’s branding from the beginning.


The over the shoulder look is a generic ‘epic’ pose used by tons of films/novels/artworks. I wouldn’t say it’s a signature look for Evolve tbh. I don’t see that pose elsewhere and think of Evolve, it’s just the generic Over the Shoulder look. Heck, World of Warcraft uses that pose in their scenes all the time.


Ya crazy if you don’t think the combination of the beast, the coloring & lighting, the pose, and the word “Evolve” on the card isn’t at least a nod. Even if the artist just googled “evolve scales” and found the goliath image from there, its most definitely intentional. You don’t get that similar a composition by accident.


I don’t think calling me crazy is a healthy way to continue an honest discussion as I haven’t said anything negative towards you. However, for comparison sake lets see what game assets World of Warcraft uses.

That bear is an asset from World of Warcraft from many years ago. I’m pretty sure that a slight twist of the neck and a little more ‘color’ to help the card art style is all is needed to get from point A to point B. Aside from the word Evolved, I don’t see how this connects the two and I"m sorry if that opinion hurts. I just don’t see the correlation.


I’m not worked up, that was just a casual “ya crazy” not an angry one. :slight_smile:

I’m a designer by trade, and I know quite a few illustrators. I guess the reason why these coincidences add up to a “nod” to me is because I know how much work goes into drawings like this, and how many choices the artist faces. When this many choices line up, it’s got to be intentional.

Look at the way the mouth is open, dripping, as if it had just eaten, like at the spot in the original Evolve commercial when the hunters stumble upon the Goliath. Look at the spikes along the top of the spine, the way the armor replicates the silhouette of goliath. Even the composition, with the massive form of the beast taking up approximately 85% of the card from the right hand side… just like the evolve photo. The red backlighting, the glowing eyes, etc. An illustrator who wasn’t looking at evolve art would not make all the exact same decisions. There’s clearly some influence there.

EDIT: Your bear image proves my point. The fact that the character is so different, posed differently, lit differently, composed within the image differently shows that an artist NOT looking at the evolve art would probably have made slightly different decisions and come to a different look/feel.


This is, uh… Wow, okay, you’re being serious… Hm. Alright then. You are allowed to believe what you want, I will not judge you.


None of you believe!! I’m going to contact the artist and ask. #determination


Dude, you’re looking WAY too deep into this. I see absolutely no resemblance to Goliath. The only thing that is in ANY way similar to Evolve is literally the word “evolve” being on the card. That’s it.


I think it’s a happy coincidence but if it was intentional, then it’s even better!


From one artist to another… The only correlation I see is the word Evolve on the card. If it said Armor Scales instead, would you still think it has anything to do with Evolve? I know I wouldn’t :slight_smile:


Don’t listen to anything I said previously, OP. She just explained my position in both a better, AND kinder way.


I will literally contact the artist and prove y’all wrong. There are no less than 7 separate decisions the illustrator made that were based off that specific goliath image… the similarity hit me right away.

Hell, guys, the other half of this “choose one” is a blue monster with tentacles, which also says “evolve” on it. Y’all are literally crazy if you don’t see the similarities.


i believe in Harvey Dent…
i mean @PlasticMan


Eh, I might be able to believe it then; I know nothing about Hearthstone or how it works so my opinion was based solely on the card design.