❤ Lets Show TRS MORE LOVE ❤


TRS has been working there ass off to make/improve/balance and rework Evolve and its components which is turning out to be AMAZING!!! The amount of work for TU 9.0 is incredible. The astonishing thing to me is they are taking our feedback and improving Evolve :heart: unlike other game companies :cry:

In this Thread, I want everyone to say one thing you are great full about TRS or Evolve. I know it sounds like a Thanksgiving 2nd grade assignment BUT it will show how much we love them!!! THANK YOU @Developers

^Just like Valentines All over again! Btw tier 6 assault confirmed!
I had to lol





Did I miss something?


It’s a joke, pretty sure he meant Deadpool.


yup, yea a joke :smile:


well, this is a poor start…


Okay, just wanted to clarify since there has been talk of C-Bucket and E-Griffin


lol no, no tier 6 confirmed yet :wink:


Personally, I prefered the game we had at launch to the game we have now because they’re very different.

However, I’m grateful that TRS is so communicative and that they have such a presence on the forums. That’s awesome.



i agree


Dear TRS, my sweet thangs. You are the light of my disgusting life. If it were not for TRS I would never have risen up from the La Brea tar pits to play their lovely game. I would still be wanderin the local swamp holdin screamin matches with birds if not for TRS. I would still be hidin in storm drains and spittin on the ankles of Croc wearers that dared to walk past my domain if not for TRS. I would still perceive the “Minions” phenomenon as something that “should exist” or is “any good at all” if not for the dedicated and spiritually lovecraftian folks at TRS.

From the moment I first saw Phil sigh internally when an interviewer made and “evolve” pun, to the 20th time I saw him endure the same unholy pun, I knew this was a group of folks I could enjoy. From the 24 hour livestreams that I inexplicably and casually stayed up for the entirety of, to the Shara memes and moments and memories(memomentories), to the dank sleepless nights spent watchin pro’s throw down on stream and memeing as hard as I could in chat.

I wrote this in a hurry, as one of those weird sex cults of mask wearing aristocrats is trying to break into my home and put a buncha moron snakes all in my stuff, just because I told them them "Masquerades are for nerds like Edgar Allen Lame-o " and said their party “had too much chanting”, but my appreciation is as real to me as the screaming birds that follow and harangue me for treats.

TRS is


To show my love I present to you:
A Titan that looks like trump


I thought he was about building walls, not destroying them in a nude frenzy.


no no you have to think out side the box, he is the Wall! He is blocking with his nude self

or his largeness is his ego :smile:


it all makes sense now


More love? Hummm, well I could but that would likely make it awkward for everyone so I’ll continue at the same level of love as always.
I like that even a year after release we still get new content, updates, balancing, and the devs are still active with the community. I know how hard it can be to have your work constantly critiqued and nitpicked to death all the time, but TRS still shows us how great they can be and are always working to make our favorite game even better. Thank you TRS!


…I suddenly want a hunter who breaks the fourth wall all the time.


bucket does sometimes. Jack sort of does. Emet probably does somewhere.


My only worry is that the playerbase will sink too low for TU9. Imo, the update wasn’t just needed to make current players happy, it should bring back new players or make the game appealing for people to buy the game.

I know I’m not suppose to discuss how the game is dying, I’m only saying how TU9 might be the death because of a major setback that’s out of TRS control.


Do we really need another one of these?

I could’ve sworn I’ve been reading about five TRS Love me threads this past month alone.


Yea, @TheMountainThatRoars says that all appreciation threads are accepted plus most of them are old