Hearing people/hunters/monsters talking at close range


Why not include this? The monster could talk smack+hear the hunters, which would make sense because I’d think that the monster still has ears. Hunters could also misdirect the monster by saying things like “readying the orbital strike” or “I’m gonna revive assault.” Granted, this would work a bit more in the monsters favor, as the hunters do need coordination, but I think this would be cool. I think the range to hear should be something like the radius of a dome


I like this. Now when I hide in the bushes right below them I can eavesdrop and learn their strats. Very, very, very good idea.


I remeber my days in Insurgency… the days when I kept dying all the time since I like to argue with my teammates.

It’s not that much of a good idea, only helps out the Monster. It could be cool but it wouldn’t be fun if you had to shut up to avoid being detected by the Monster instead of replying to your teammates yelling at you for them getting focused as Laz. Not anyhow interesting in a game like this.