Health Unlimited or Health Display Bug


At stage 1 of Kraken, I picked up a speed boost and fed until I could evolve.

After evolving to stage 2, I noticed that my armor was not going up no matter how much I fed. I got into a loooooong fight with some hunters and thought I should’ve died. I came out of the fight with… 100% HP according to my display.

I evolved to stage 3 and immediately started another fight with everyone alive again. I didn’t get anymore armor and again, long fight, but won easy. I mentioned this on reddit and was told its just a HUD bug, but half way through that match I felt I should’ve died so I don’t know if its just a display issue?

PS4 btw


Sometimes it shows Monsters as having full armor after they evolve, when you’re damaging their health.

The UI is pretty buggy.


Does anyone know if this is still occurring just had a custom game (on PC) and had a similar issue but for me my hp bar barely moved then I suddenly died in a fight but for the hunters it looked fine.

I got hit by a reaver as I evolved which caused me to not go into my cacoon and then got domed began to fight and as the dome went down I tried to run thinking I had enough health left to get away (about 3 bars) and then I just die as I get shot turns out my hp was gone but I had no way of knowing.