Health regeneration parameters while evolving?


Is there a definite description for how the health regenerates when you evolve?
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Health doesn’t regenerate when you evolve. You increase your max health pool, but you don’t ‘regain’ anything lost.


Your health doesn’t really regenerate per say… Let me explain…

Let’s say you start out with four bars of health. You lose three bars, leaving you at one. You Evolve and now have eight bars of health, with only two actually containing any health.

Now let’s do some math (I hate math). 1 out of 4 is 1/4th. 2 out of 8 is 1/4th. You evolve again and you have 12 bars of health with only 3 containing health. 3 out of 12 is 1/4th.

Then again, I may just be a complete idiot who has no idea what he’s saying, but that’s my understanding of it. Other people who may know are: @Plaff, @MidnightMonash, or @Maddcow.


It’s more like:

you start at 4 bars, lose 3. Evolve, gain 4 so now you have 5 bars out of 8, evolve again and you have 9 bars out of 12. assuming of course, you take 0 damage between evolutions.


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How it works is that each bar represents a total amount. Lets take Wraith. Lets pretend she has 4 thousand HP (Not correct but makes it easy) and has 4 Health bars. You take 2,000 damage and are at 2 bars. Her evolution from stage 1 to stage 2 grats her 2 more Health bars. So another 2,000 Max health. You already lost 2,000 health, so you now have 4 bars of health once again.


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I think you just get 3 bars back.


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The easiest way to understand it is to know that any lost bars of health cannot be regained by evolving.

If you have lost 3 bars of health when you begin evolving you’ll have 3 bars missing when you come out of it (provided you aren’t attacked).

You’re healed by the exact amount that your health pool increases by.


Evolving increases your maximum health but doesn’t regain you any health. The amount of health returned depends on how many health bars the monster gains per level.

Example: Wraith starts off with four bars of health and gains two whenever she evolves. Say she loses three bars of health at stage 1, when she evolves she’ll go from 1/4 to 3/6.

@Rapterror I think this is what you were looking for, but kudos to @MidnightMonash and @Maddcow for being the go-tos I guess. I’d call out @Plaff too but he’s a given (and a mod). :slight_smile:


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Also, thanks for clearing this up. So if Wraith gains 2 every evolution, what about Kraken? I munster main him, how much does he gain?


Kraken I believe is 2 and then 3. Or 3 and then 2. I know it’s not even.


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Oh, okey. I’m actually kind of curious about something now…

Does anyone know how many bars of health Kraken has at all 3 stages? I’ve never counted.


Alright thanks! i get it, no healing, just health increasment equivalent to health pool increasement.

Second question then:

There was this one time when i regained a big bunch of health though, has my game been hacked by the Hackers i ticketed myself while they stalked my desktop or is it that you gain health if the shield you can gain sometimes when evolving regains health if you’re attacked while in it? They use all kinds of hacks why not one like that on my pc to throw the blame back.



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The only thing that lets you gain health is the Elite Tyrant buff (It can restore up to 4 bars over 5 minutes) and the plants you can eat in Evac mode. Each one restores roughly half a bar of health.


Okay thanks then i really think it was one of their hacks, they told me they code since the beta and have sight, early drop, revive health damage even dometime and what made me notice of course wall hack in different formats. already wrote some tickets. i don’t want that shit, was at like 10% and after evolving almost full. one of them commented it in the voice chat with plain a compliment. i’m sure its the stalkers. don’t know what to do except virus scan firewall etc. i’ll create my own server from now on for a start and keep sending tickets.

Also don’t get the idea to blame me, i’ll ticket myself too and ask them to check if my game did unusual stuff too.