Health regen bug/hack?


I just had a game with a Caira who had one strike, but then every time I got her low on health, her bar would show two strikes for a second, then back to one strike and she would regain the 2nd strike worth of health. Has anyone encountered this before?


Sounds like a latency/sync issue to be honest. Got any video?


nope, next time…

and I mean this was happening for minutes. I was on them on Stage 3 with full health and slamming her with lv 3 fire and rock over and over and over


Was there a Hank? There is a known glitch that sometimes when he shields a 1 strike player it makes it look like they have two strikes.


You know what, this has happened to me but I have always ignored it since it comes back to 1 strike later, they should check that.


hmm, there are some bugs where u can remove a strike coming off dropship and heal twice with the heal bursts / orbital twice / dust twice


yea there was… but wow, I’ve never seen that


Boom, there’s the problem. Hank and his shields. Just had a match where my main character was Hank but I used Maggie to trap the monster then switched back to Hank and I think Hank was protecting Maggie at the time of the swap and I turned to see Maggie with assault shields just before it went down…