Health Debuff reset on Defend?


So just a few minutes ago I was playing Kraken against pubs. Two of the guys I was in the lobby with left, and two guys took their place

(At the same time coming in, around the same level, I think they were in a party)

Well, during defend I would run in, down a few hunters, and run out to let the minions wail on the generator. The two guys who were in the game for the full campaign (Val and Hank) were getting HP penalties like normal. But the two new guys would incap, sometimes die, but would always come back from the dropship without any penalties to them.

Later on at the 3rd generator, none of the hunters would get a penalty after death.

Is this intended?


During defend, if you end up in the dropship, you loose all your strikes, thats why people try to get downs and not kills.


It’s so weird playing as monster. So many new things to look for.

Thanks MultiDavid.


No problems, here to help, sometimes.