Health bar placement


Ok so this may be a stupid idea but i wanna test since everyones so mad about spore launcher
Would it be a good idea, for the monster to get a HUD of hunter health bars when in combat with the hunters so he always know their health, because everyones saying slims spore cloud is ok but they hate not knowing whos almost dead and whos at full health


its so you almost cant see the hunters at all showing health bars if you actually smack them then it may be less deterring to the spore gun but for the most part that’d take away the point


No i mean stationary bars like on the bottom of the screen


Hello? Lol i need opinions


maybe but i wouldnt want that in my screen


Then make it optional


that’ll work
i think


Ive just seen so many people complaining about the spore cloud, and a few saying theyrr angry because they cant know who theyve damaged


A good way to keep tabs without actually knowing where they are


What no, that is the reason it exist. Its designed to do that to limit the monster targeting options and give the hunters a chance to escape.


Nvm, they can just nerf it instead




I dont know how to react


Yeah what you said


Lol i dont want it nerfed but people seem opposed to any other solution


I think the health bar should show up briefly if the monster damaged you in the spore cloud, kinda like if you were damaged cloaked how you would show up for a second