Health Bar of Power Relay dissapearing


Title. I do not know why or how, i played Wraith and could not see the HP of the Power Relay.

PC, joined on Stage 1, had every ability.


Happens to me most of the time. The health bar of power relay just dissappear and i don’t know how much life it has left


Not sure, but it might not show if you have the map open, as it also hides your teammates outlines.


But I play as a monster


This. As a monster, I was really confused that I never had the power relay bar, it was due to having the map on.


happend without map


Having the map open has intended disadvantages for both the hunters, and for the monster. I’m not sure exactly what they are, but for example, I know that you don’t see the elite wild life buff icon if you have the map open. Hunters can’t see pings/waypoints either.


Why isn’t this said in game?
After all I noticed other places when ui is misleading. For example it is said that wraith invisibility is broken when you perform attack but it’s not said it is broken when you perform traversal warp. The same goes for the behemoth’ s rock wall. Ability description state it makes rock wall but it doesn’t say wall can have holes in it when something is on the way…


Actually this is good point: why do we have certain disadvantages when map is open ?
I mean - no elite wildlife buffs, no power relay bar etc. Was is intentional ?
In this way it favors players who memorized well all the maps. But is it bringing any special value to the game … I have doubts.