Healing through domes (NOT A BUG – BUT SHOULD NOT BE A FEATURE)


Not sure if this has already been reported, but I haven’t found anything recent in the matter (apologies, poor Google-fu). Anyways, it seems this delicious slice of mature Stilton is still unresolved.

Playing some customs last night on Distillery and Orbital Drill we’ve found you can still heal through domes with splash from Caira’s grenades and Lazarus’ healing burst. Did not test any other medics or support’s shield burst, but I would also expect them to go through.

Should probably be another topic, but on a different note: Tech Hank’s pre-applied shield still reveals Laz if he cloaks.


Neither of these are bugs. The devs have known about healing through the dome for months and their opinion is the hunters are force to stay close to the walls of the dome if you want healing which makes it easier to hit the hunters.

All shields reveal cloaked hunters just gotta wait till the shield runs out to use your cloak this was true even in legacy when supports had cloak instead of SB.


Good luck getting Hank down if he’s running lvl 3 gold ability cooldown + 2 movement abilities for roaching, while Caira’s outside with ability cooldown and reload speed (or just stacking double reload speed).


Still not a bug and the support has to stay within like 5m of the wall if he wants to get healing nades which means a lot less room for juking.


We could argue terminology, or call it a balance issue/feature. But the grenades are projectiles which can be aimed at different surfaces along the dome and Caira’s healing burst has a larger range than the grenade splash. Regardless, even if you stack double CD and land 2 strong burst-damage abilities with 3 points each, then follow with a 2 pointer, there still isn’t enough burst damage to down Hank because of the timing on the cool downs of his and Caira’s bursts and the grenade launcher with reload speed. Even if you land all 3 abilities, by the time your abilities come back up to finish the job, he’s already full-health again and his burst should also be back up soon.

p.s.: I’d rather call it a bug because it implies an oversight rather than a poor choice.


Then you need to push the hunters away from the side of the dome, then they are weak and Caira can’t heal unless she enters the dome. That or force the dome to be in a bad spot from hunters.


Do you put points into all 4 abilities and they still manage to out heal you at stage 3?


This might be the issue. But 3 3 1 is definitively not enough at stage 2 even with double CD.

2 2 2 1 stage 2 might be enough for a strike if you don’t miss anything.

But you’ll have a hard time keeping enough health for a stage 3 fight against a turtling team with no strikes, especially now that fast evolve builds have been nerfed.


You should try going 1 1 1 1 and then 3 2 1 1 or 2 2 2 1 at stage 2. If you focus hank you should be able to burst through any medics healing unless they’re dodging a lot of your abilities. I know I’ve done it when I picked goliath and had it done to me when I played as hank.


I’m skeptical of this if both Hank and Caira are running lvl 3 gold cooldown and reload respectively, but willing to test.


@IWannaBeATiger I guess you could say that sunny drone shielding outside of the dome is intentional too! Cause that seems like a very similar situation on what he is going through and sounds like an exploit really.

@Insane_521 is healing other hunters that are inside the dome from outside intentional? Cause if it is, I don’t like it.


Nope. Can’t heal beam can’t shield beam can shield burst. AoEs go through the domes walls.


cairas healing grenades sure as heck can! That sunny drone can shield beam through the dome, unless they fixed it.


Is an aoe.

Actual bug since hank can’t shield and val can’t heal with their non class abilities outside of the dome.


That’s my point! it can still heal through the dome. Cause to me that sounds like an exploit.


It’s always been able to do that. It’s been brought to their attention before.


okay so did they say it was perfectly fine?


took me awhile but I found it.


Maybe they should reduce the effectiveness of healing through a dome?


Hmm well I don’t like it but all well.