Healing Projectiles: proximity detonation and phasing through objects

This change is majorly intented to make pubs more enjoyable for Hunters and will take away some tactical depth of combat. If you are a Monster or pro player, please stop reading here, as I am sure you will only hate it.

Pubs can be frustrating for everyone participating. The more frustrating they are, the more people leave. This is why I would like to take some frustration away. Specifically from Medics, who get a lot of shit when they cant do their job.

More specifically, it is for Palladin Parnell and Caira. Their healing projectiles can get stuck on a lot of things in the battlefield, sometimes even the Monster or teammates. This is not really fun. Sometimes your target runs out of line of sight too, which is not fun either. Or it dodges into the air which makes it nigh impossible to heal them.

This is why I think these changes would make the pub experience for medics more enjoyable:

  • Proximity detonation
  • If a hurt Hunter is within the healing range of the grenade/rocket it explodes on hits own
  • The projectiles wont get absorbed by Hunters that are at full health
  • Makes it possible to reliably heal Hunters in mid-air.
  • Healing projectiles can pass through walls
  • This would allow to heal them at all times, even when they are stupid enough to break LOS or the Monster blocks the shots
  • It should have a limited range though
  • This could also be applied to the Medguns
  • Would allow every Medic to heal 100% through a Rock Wall, not just Emet and Lazarus
  • Once Slim is no longer OP, he could recharge his healburst on the Rock Wall again to do the same thing
  • This would make Rock Wall an ability that blocks the Movement of the target, not Movement and Healing

I love the idea of proximity detonation for Cairas grenades.
I’ve seen them hit the ground at wierd angles and just roll away till they hit a wall ( rare but I’ve seen it)

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Healing already goes through walls, with the exception of Val’s medigun. But those things can be bent and have ridiculous range.


Having Cairas granades explode in proximity of a hunter can make thing harder since the assault is always close to the hunter but almost never needs really big heals. If the monsters is focused on the suppport, granades may explode before they reach support since assaults been tanking a little bit of damage.

Personaly I would just like my granades to explode where I aimed them at.

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no more dumbing down with the game thanks.


Yeah that’s a good point I just hate when people try going tinkerbell style then blame me for not being able to hit them mid air while running away from an angry monster.

I was not talking about the healing effect but the healing projectile.

I think I’ll have to edit the title.

Grenades get stuck on the Assault as it is right now too. With my suggestion however, they would only get stuck on him, if he is missing health. Like you said yourself, he does not need big heals, thus only 1 or 2 grenades would heal him, the rest would pass through him.

Besides, dont you think this opens up a whole new tactical element? The monster can hit the Assault on purpose so that when he switches to the Support, the Assault will catch some of the healing. Then the Assault would need to get closer to the Support, so that he catches some healing as well.

I actually prefer manually detonate it on will using right click if it is caira

“Let’s make playing Medic even more EZmode and also screw any reason to use Rock Wall while we’re at it”

I’m not even going to laugh.


While I don’t agree with the change, I don’t agree that medic are “easy mode”, especially at higher level considering how UP 3/4 of the medics are.

Umm… i understand your trying to help, but heal beam and projectiles phaseing through walls would be crazy… Medics healing while outside the dome even more anyone? Proximity explosions would be fine, but allowing heals through it would destroy half of its purpose.

I hate this idea, phasing through objects is the dumbest idea I have ever heard literally takes away any point of positioning and makes zero sense. Furthermore what if you roaching up a cliff, want to heal yourself and all your projectiles are phasing through the cliff thirdly no it does not balance the medics to be like slim; slim has small range and still needs LOS on the monster to heal. Proximity detonation lowers the skill ceiling for this game people should know not to tinkerbell when they have projectile based medic, if they can’t figure it out they deserve to die. What you are proposing is to dumb down this game for no reason. There is no reason to cater this game for players that refuse to learn to play properly.

I’ve seen this happen a lot.

@Sepiablitz I like the detonation idea. All for that, bit I don’t agree with wall hacks for med guns. Seems to inconsistent with the game as a whole and blocking shots as a monster or abusing line of sight it a tactical depth that needs to remain for the games health.

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