Healing > Pounce


So, playin a round. Like I do. And it’s great to finally have some non-T4 characters… SOME.

Came across a point where a trapper went afk… pounced it, and caira came by and… perpetually healed it… I was stuck… while the WHOLE TEAM gathered around… and watched… After a point, they start pelting me… I thought it was stupid.

Long story short: I died. I’m sure I made plenty of mistakes… first being playing a game with torvald&sunny… whose nerfs did not make ANY difference in them what so ever.

As for Caira… it was the best meal ever… savored every bite of that Crow…

Caira: Capacity or Reload

Hrm, you can cancel out of the pounces.


Good to know. I was shot out of it eventually… what button is it to get out on your own?


I think you press the sneak button again


Thank you. I’ll remember that the next time I’m perpetually pouncing :slight_smile:


When your playing against Torvald you essentially kite the assault in a different way than directly avoiding him, you litterally watch for the mortars and avoid that damage, its little more than an aspect of a boss fight you need to pay attention to so you don’t take tons o damage.