Healing Perks Should Be Nerfed Just Like Monster Damage Perks

Monster damage perks already had long enough cooldowns and weren’t perks that dealt extreme damage, now they have even longer cooldown time and less damaging. I hope TRS noticed that healing perks are more than OP, just as if Slim for the third week not being nerfed wasn’t already a headache.

Now for a relaxing gif for this Slim disaster (if you know what I mean):

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I agree they should have a down side as I feel it when they are there if I’m monster, but as Hunter I’m yet to use them.

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It’s going to happen. It has to.

At the moment hunter healing perks have no downside.

They are broken because if you don’t pick anti heal as monster and hunters do stack healing perks … there is not much you can do to burst them down.

Monster anti healing perks have downside 1,5 debuff and melee requirement.


Personally I dont mind threads which make points like these- I cant help but roll my eyes at the tone of threads like these.

TRS has access to far more information than any of us. If they see something- And they agree, theyll do something about it.


That’s most perks though? They aren’t broken because they don’t have downsides they’re broken cause certain characters healing is already too strong.

what hunter perk have downside besides thrust efficiency anyway? and thrust efficiency have a downside just to make recharge speed not obsolete , what perk exactly is healing increase make it obsolete when health regen is shit already, it doesn’t need a down side, you should nerf slim instead which we confirmed he will be nerfed

Heh, sorry, said it out of frustration of the match I had today:

1 incap on Hank as
#Stage 3 Goliath


Interesting how the defensive perks are strong on the hunters, and the big damage perks are strong on the monster. Its like defence is way batter on the hunters than the monster, and attack is way better on the monster than the hunters.

Eh, they can just adjust them as is.
Their downside is having no perks for dodging, support often uses Jetpack recharge or jump height even for easier roaching.

works on krakken ranged ball.

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Personally, I think that the perks are fine as long as the apposing medic IS NOT Slim. His healing output is too high right now. Nerf Slim, perks are fine.

So basicly nerf the new healing perks for Hunters so they get useless like agility?

You can’t really make perks with a downside for Hunters. See the Agility perks. They were OK after introduced and now with the -20% jetpackrecharge they are useless. Even with -10% on T3 they would be useless.

If anything just turn down the numbers, but then I again I doubt anybody will pick the perks again.

Well, Monster damage perks were the best ones and they got nerfed just a week after they were released. Now the superior damage perk adds only 10% extra damage, much like what you can get from an elite wildlife which I barely notice any difference in damage, at least they don’t increase cooldown.

I’m sorry I don’t see those nerfs anywhere, could you post a link?

Me? If so, what is it?

No I’m saying I’ve checked the patch notes and the Damage perks have never been nerfed. I was asking if you had a link to the post that says they got nerfed.

It’s in the patch notes like 1 or 2 weeks back. They nerfed the damage they give and also made the cooldown penalty on them a bit harsher.

Guess I need to re-read them thanks :+1:

The job of the hunters is to outlast the monster especially with 5 minute domes while the job of the monster is to down the hunters before too much damage is done to them. So the monster is forced to pick damage perks in case the hunters go full defence otherwise he’ll just end up losing.

Well, they were too strong before because they combined extra dodges with practically higher jetpack recharge, so why would you pick jetpack recharge perks then?