Healing Burst Not Working While Stealth Pounced


PS4, was playing Slim v. Goliath. I was stealth pounced twice and, both times, my healing burst wouldn’t activate during the pounce. It was fine otherwise. Intentional?


I was under the impression that only the Assault shield was meant to be capable of activating under CC


It is intentional, doesn’t make sense, but its intentional yes.


That’s totally possible. I don’t think I’ve ever tried cloaking or doming while being pounced or incapped before and I don’t often get pounced as medic. I know the cloak and burst work while you’re downed though.


Alright, good to know!


It kills me the assault being able to shield, yet the others cannot do anything, the trapper does make sense.


Being able to dome the monster while stealth pounced would be hilarious. “You think you got me? NO! I GOT YOU!!!” (for about 3 more seconds unless Hank/Sunny’s drone is around)


The moment when you pounce the 0 hp assault and he shields… FUUUUUUUUUU…


Even better when a sunny drone is shielding the assault during the pounce and then they activate their own shield. Pounce for days…


That’s better


The Shield crumples in less than seven seconds, doesn’t it?

@TEG Since you’ve been informed that this is an intended feature and this thread serves no further purpose, do you want me to close it for you? :slight_smile:


Sure thing!


Done. :slight_smile: <bbbbbbbbb