Healing Arrow


When I play Emet is hard to tell if I’m healing my teammate because hunters have the normal health regen so, I think when a medic is healing a teammate the arrow should be green.


I actually like this idea! +1


Again something else I learned most people do other than sign their own posts


10 Chara


I had to tell people that in the FAQ people didn’t need to sign their own posts. There is also something in their that asks if you can hit the like button instead of saying +1. I am learning all these things that people do that I’ve never seen before. Then again this is the only forum ever been on haha


Thats a odd request lol I say +1 in a way that means like “Yeah good job you have my support!” I actually dont like when someone like a post without saying anything xD


I’m that way with Facebook, that’s why I stopped :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways back on topic :wink:


I feel when the passive is active and they are being healed it should be white and green arrows!


That does definitely give a more tangible sense of reward.