Healer balancing


Who thought it was a good idea to give Val a heal to full right before she goes down? You essentially have to down her twice to incap her, making what would be a 4v1 into a 5v1 (if they dont have daisy.)

If she’s healing someone, it’s near impossible to do damage to them, watch this vid. I’m doing everything I can to incap a hunter, and if there is healing on them, they are not going to go down regardless of what I do.


That’s rogue val, and once she pops the heal burst, she can’t heal save for her gun

You need to focus Rogue val, force her to use her heal burst, and then go to other hunters, since her healing gun is weaker than with normal val


yea. rogue val’s healburst heals for about 75% of her health. however, while her healburst is on cooldown, she loses the extremely important healing field she has for 18secs, meaning that everyone else isnt being healed as much as before

you can hard focus her, but some others suggest focus her until she pops the healburst, then focus someone like support or trapper since the healing is lower now. depends on the player/monster


You have to use your abilities. Just using melee doesn’t do enough damage.
1:24 into the video and you used rock throw for the first time. That should be your #1 burst damage ability in combat.
That was the problem in your video. Not Rogue Val.

Melee attacks do the least amount of damage. Use them to keep a combo going, but whenever one of your abilities is off cooldown, use it. Or wait a second or two, then use multiple abilities in short succession. For example leap smash into rock throw. Then finish her with firebreath.


Hi after watching your video there was no issue with Rogue Val, but with your playstyle, lemme explain.

When you were focusing Sunny, you were just using your autoattacks and Flame breath. Thats not enough dmg at all. You also used Charge from time to time but you missed it MAAAANY times, so again not enough dmg to bring someone down.

The biggest mistake was that you werent using your Rock throw and Leap Smash (almost) at all. Those are your most powerfull abilities and instead of using them , you were just autoattacking and your RT and LS were waiting there ready to be used.

Dont take it as negative critisism, i am just trying to show you what you did wrong.

Next time try to use your Leap Smash+Rock throw combo, as often as possible ( straight when they are out of cool down). If you combine this with good aiming, you will have no problems at all to burst someone down.

Amd back to topic : you should focus Rogue Val first to pop her Healing Burst and then Focus support, and the healing from RV will be nothing .

Good luck practising! :smile:

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Awesome, thanks guys! Majestic Doge Lion Out


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