Healer aggro is beyond ridiculous!


I like to play Co-op and every single match the monster simply zeroes in on me first, every single time, until I am dead. Even if I get shielded or a trapper can slow it down it still stays on me.

I know that healers should get agro, it comes with the job but usually there is a way to mitigate it by not healing as much or one of the other classes having the ability to taunt it but in Evolve it doesn’t matter what anyone does, as soon as that first heal goes out I automatically get the monster until I am dead.

This seems to be a major design flaw here and frankly, makes the Healer very unfun to play against AI monsters.


Well the game was designed to be done with players. What medic are you using? Val/Laz should be miles away. Val has extreme range on her heals, they’re mostly line of sight bound. Laz should just be chilling in the distance, swooping in for invis rez’s.


You should be jet packing around and staying away from the monster during fights.


Well that is the problem. I have the perk with jetpack reduce charge time and constantly fly around, I try to take various height advantages but it doesn’t matter. The monster simply mad rushes me constantly until I am dead. The jet pack only lasts for a few seconds and once he gets to me I am usually dead within seconds.

I mean, the monster simply ignores everyone else until the healer is dead regardless of what I or they do. Sometimes a trapper can harpoon it long enough for me to last a few more seconds but the outcome is always the same.

The AI is really, really screwed up.


As a monster player, I get “aggro” on the medic as well. Its just smart play and I’m glad the AI replicates it.


Healer can often become a priority target for a human monster player, if anything this simulates what you can expect in a real game.



There’s plenty you can do to lose aggro.
-Run towards the assault, either the monster backs off or takes tons of damage from him.

-Move to any traps, mines, turrets, ect. Again either they back off or they get damaged/trapped.

-Tell support to cloak and go stand near him.


I suppose I will have to use laz and just wait for everyone to die.

Or play regular multiplayer where this isn’t as big of an issue. Still, I hope the powers that be look at this for those of us who like to play Co-op.


Is your team punishing the monster for focusing you? You’re going to take strikes over the course of a match, but your team should make him pay for focusing you.


Just make sure to hang back. And never use jetback to fly, only do bursts, one at a time. And don’t use that last chunk because you won’t be able to burst.

Ideally, you’d be quite a distance away. A medic in combat is a dead medic. That’s why you have a sniper and tranq(which will slow them down) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Honestly, the multiplayer still feels like “coop” to me, but with a unpredictable monster, who is often harder than any AI monster you will ever face ever.


Using your jet pack for flying is the first problem. You should really only be using the dash and dodging abilities in combat, which medic are you playing?


I’ve been rocking the 200% Jetpack Jump perk in early levels as a medic, double tapping jump (with not pressing a direction) will fling you up really high. Great in a pinch.

I will use this until I can level up some of those other perks like Jetpack recharge, movement speed, damage reduction, health regeneration.


How is it not an issue in multiplayer? Medics are arguably the highest priority target for most monster players in most situations.


Had the same issue yesterday - We were in a round of evacuation (nest) and we had the advantage, monster was almost dead but got all of us down, The last ones alive were Lazarus, Daisy and Bucket, Lazarus was on the floor, cloaked, Bucket was on top of a high-ass plateau covering with his missile launcher, and the Ai controlled minions Dived after bucket because Lazarus was cloaked - and as soon as bucket went down, The minions both simultaneously jumped over to where lazarus was cloaked and down and his cloak came off half way through their jump and they both just landed directly on him and started shredding him.
Normally wouldn’t have been a problem except between where they killed bucket and where lazarus was down was #1 An immense distance and #2 terrain blocking vision. but nonetheless they just zero’d in on the hunter immediately as his cloak was running out - had they been a bit more balanced daisy would have finished rezzing lazarus and lazarus in turn would have rez’d Bucket and they could have easily taken down the last 1/3 bar of the main monster’s HP.


This will all depend on your dome. I find that if the dome is in caves, or in a canyon, or anything like that then really you should be begging your trapper to just bring it down. Medics need open spaces, with high ground. Keeping distance and line of sight is key for all three of them, and having something to dodge and run around always helps.

I find monsters target who is there, if the medic doesn’t present themselves straight away then the monster starts off getting in to fights with other hunters, from there you can keep your distance and stay a bit more in control.

But if the (stage 2 or above) monster wants to kill you in a dome because you’re the medic, then it’s going to happen. You need to be able to deal with this if you want to play medic :smiley:


Well the team should be working together. Trapper should be harpooning/slowing the critter, support should be shielding you and assault should be beaming the heck out of it, and you should be running towards placed items.

Going invisible would help a bit too. Hard to see footprints in all the explosions.


Unless the medic is Laz I go after support first, those bozos seem to give me the most trouble.


I’ve noticed this too… The healer seems to be top of the AI aggro table and NOTHING will make it stop short of cloaking. Obviously the monster can be punished for sticking on the medic, but it certainly doesn’t make for a fun game playing AS the medic against AI.


Play defensively, hang back. Stand near Markovs mines, buckets turrets, maggies harpoon mines etc and dodge attacks. Use healing burst, use cloak (as laz), get support to cloak and shield you. Use the monsters aggression to put it into bad places so the rest of your team can hammer it.

Once you unlock Caira you can heal yourself more easily and actually become quite tanky. I guess you could try the damage reduction perk, I might give that a go with Caira. I really don’t see a problem here myself.