Headshots Do not Register With Val on Behemoth


While trying to finish obtaining my elite skin on Val tonight, i needed 3 more head shots to finish. Next game is vs Behemoth.

Game ended with 0 head shots, even though there were at least 3/4 due to catching the monster standing still for a couple seconds.

Maybe something to look into, unless you have to hit the stomach as the weekpoint instead after reading a different post?


You have to hit Behemoth’s stomach. Head-shot should be re-named to “weak point shot”.


You have to hit the stomach, duh! :wink:


Duh! Why didnt i think of that, what with it being head shot n all!


headshot is another word for weakspot tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Behemoth’s head shots are its stomach


Shoot his tummy!

Seriously, Val’s snipe shot on that weak spot is pretty heavy. 280 damage. Like more than a single Torvald mortar damage (198 per mortar when elited).


If you can manage to have a full jetpack combined with a tranqed behemoth, you can have some serious trolling fun with one who decides to rock wall a Val away from the rest of his group. Many times that’s happened to me as Val and I just fly around getting that big ‘ole belly spot, taking almost a whole bar of health before the rock wall is down. :’)


Question has been answered.


Yeah, hit him in the stomach next time. @TheMountainThatRoars , close this?