Headshot Damage mastery help


Pretty much with all the hunters I need the headshot damage. Every round I only get 1000-800 points please tell me how I can maximize the points per round legitimately.


Play against Kraken. He has a huge head and his casting animations of Aftershock and Lightning strike make it easy to hit.


Thanks but if the player is flying it could be a little hard but I did notice he has a big head.


Out of all the monsters, it is much easier to get headshots on Kraken than anyone else imo. Even when flying. In fact, when flying he is usually facing you.


Get a friend, go in custom; then have them sit there. ^.^


I do not approve…



I mean could do that but I like the feeling of doing it legit.


How would you do it then?


He just likes Kraken. He just doesn’t want to see poor Kraken picked on :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I was kidding, I used the Kraken and had Val, Griffin, and Abe on my team (as Cabot) to keep him from moving too far away and too quickly.




As do I. But some people don’t care, so the tip is there all the same.


I see well kraken has unfinished business with me so I will always have something against kraken.

(long ago the 360 midair vortex was very annoying)


Behemoth would be a good choice as well since he leaves his weakspot vulnerable for most of his attacks.


I also thought that but since his weak spot has been reduced it might not be as good as krakens


Griffin and Abe on your team? HACKS!


Bahahahahahahaha, good point. I didn’t mean at the same time. :wink:


TheHillThatGrowls needs to stop hacking little cheatsy Hill.

I spelled your name like that on purpose.


Haha I figured, just poking fun :yum:


Yeah, next thing you know a fights happens because of it