Headset/Mic-Only Matchmaking Option


From the launch of Evolve, players have said that one of the game’s major flaws was how important communication was. Now, that of course isn’t a problem on it’s own, but it becomes a problem when the vast majority of people in pubs don’t talk in any way. In a game where communication and teamwork is so important, playing a game where no one talked was almost a death sentence in pubs. In Stage 2, while it isn’t as severe anymore, it’s still a problem that many have seemed to faced.

So I propose an Idea:

Right before you go searching for a pub match, there should be an option that you can enable to play in lobbies where the only people you can be matched with are people with mics, headsets, etc. However, you can only enable that option if you yourself also have a mic, headset, etc.


This subject has come up a number of times though, basically as good an idea in isolation it may sound, the problems are:

  1. Griefing, just plugging a mic in but never using it, or using it specifically to annoy people who feel strongly about using mics since they’ve joined the queue for mic-only
  2. Foreign Languages and the overall pointlessness of comms if people don’t speak the same language
  3. Splitting people in to those who can speak and those who can’t (for whatever reason, needing to be quiet, actual disability, etc)


I recognize this problems, and I realize it’s not a perfect idea, but I feel that the positives of a feature like this would outweigh the negatives. Don’t get me wrong, the issues you presented are valid, but I feel that this would be better than the current system we have now: Where players with mics have to pray to the gods that they get a team that can even speak back.


I think I would prefer a system that goes beyond the simplicity of presuming mics mean good team work and have a system whereby people can vote up people’s karma for teamwork.

This way you’d have a skill score but also a karma score, and you could be matched with people closer to your karma even if the skill rating is slightly less close. That would feel like a definite move to rewarding team work, Mic or not, and without making a separate queue