Headset Communication


I scrolled through the forums, and i didn’t find anything that covered it. Or i may have over looked it. but my question is for the hunters. Is there any other form of communication without using a headset? Here’s a example say i’m playing with 3 other friends but 2 of them don’t have headsets is there another way for them to alert us if they spot something or need help. Without using the chat program I understand if you can’t elaborate to much on the matter. But i would love to know if you all will be implementing some kind of other communication for those who cant/refuse to use headsets. I understand that if you want to play team games you need a headset but this question is more for those who have headset issues but still love a good team base game.


I believe that there is a spotting button for hunters, not sure the extent of its uses beyond spotting the monster though


As long there is something for it. I would just hate to see a lack of communication between the team because some of the players are not using headsets. not that it happened all the time but i can recall a few times being in L4D/L4D2 and people voting to kick people just because they couldn’t communicate well with the team. I also have a 1 year old who is starting the tantrum phase and I would still like to play as hunter without needing my headset. So my poor fellow hunters don’t need to have their hearing checked after playing a round with me.


I do expect some short commands just like Left4dead. Since communication is probably very important in this game.


Brandini is right, but there’s also the same sort of system in place that they had in Left for Dead where the characters say things without the need to press any buttons.


Thanks @Plaff i figured they had something for it. i just wanted to make sure even if i don’t use my headset i can still be a effective team member. its nice to know don’t need to find a button but that it happens automatically.


For those who played to Metal Gear Solid 4 : Online, there was actually a really nice system for that.

By pressing the communication button, you have four choices each linked to four predefined phrases. These phrases appaered for all the team (while your character really said it), written on a corner of the screen, and were translated in your game language ! That was amazing I think…

Of course in your options you could chose your predefined phrases among a big list.


‘Gamespeak’ is a good technique, but it won’t work with Evolve due to the high number of variables.
I’m getting a headset for Evolve because its the only game where up the second team communication is essential
I’ve never bought or used a headset before because I didn’t need it to play well.


Oh I’m not saying it will be enough, but that’s better than nothing… for those without headphone… They still exist, full of goodwill !.. (=
…except if you think that some people will spam it… but it was ok on MGSO …


The characters already say what’s happening anyways. Markov shouts “using my shield” and “shield’s out” to let teammates know what is happening for him. It’s easier to just have them speak automatically than having to choose a phrase


It was just an idea to compensate the fact that not everybody will have a headphone during random game… or speak english…


I suppose so. Even during random matches though they’ll still call stuff out. I just don’t want to have to use a phrase wheel lol


That’s not a big thing but you still can make great things with it during the game ^^
And have fun sometimes.

(well, I particularly praise the instant-translate side of the system… Really useful…)


As long as there is some form of effective communication i will be happy. I just don’t want to have to limit myself to playing just the monster when i’m not using my headset, because i cant relay important information before its to late.


Can someone recommend a good headset for under £100 for the PS4?
I checked out the px22 and the reviews weren’t great, detailing no volume control or mute, no wireless and sometimes an odd crackling sound.
I want to have no annoying crackling or poor quality sound for when I’m speaking or listening.


I’ve made a topic for this already. I think there’s a few recommendations there if you wanna check it out