Heads up on patch notes


i think that turtle rock should make a website deictaed to the constint changes they are making and aware of. sort of like how League of Legends has Surrender at 20 and Reign of Gaming releasing pbe patch notes every week day showing changes to champions, items, and the map.


But why? They can just do it here. And this is already the main source for a lot of information.


And they always post their patch notes. I don’t understand your argument.


im not arguing at all, for one you are right on not really having to make a new site, but just a post. i just like to know what they are constantly trying and seeing what works and what doesnt. its not a necessity but would just be a nice thing to see.

also this game sorta structured like a moba and most moba’s have these type of pages or sites, but again not a necessity, just a thought.


in before sunny nerfs :smirk:


How is this even close to being like a moba?


it has characters with unique ability’s, team effort, buffs on the map, monster farms and gains ranks, destroying the power relay at the end (if hunters not around or most dead). these are some quality’s of a moba not all.


you have a point :scream: its a moba first person style


I find that a bit of a stretch though. There is an objective, just like all capture the flags/king of the hill type games out there. Team effort, any online game basically. Characters with unique abilities: So do MMOs and games like TF2. Weapon kits can function the same as ‘abilities’. I feel that there is more in common with those types of games than Mobas.


you are right on that, but i made this post just to give one of my thoughts on showing changes on a shorter bases then a months time. i like seeing whats going to be new within each patch.

just a thought