Headphone/ear-bud: Suggestions please

Hey everyone,

I would like to get your opinion on some new headphones. The pair of earbuds that came with my S4 are on death’s door. The microphone/remote doesn’t work and the left bud cuts in and out.

I am going to buy a new pair this weekend and I would like your advice. These will be for day to day use and while working out, so I won’t be getting anything near Sennheiser quality.

Earbuds or Over-the-ear models are fine. Something with a mic/remote is preferred but not necessary.

I’d like to keep it in the $20-$30 range since they are going to get sweaty and caught on things.

So…what do you have for me?

P12s are what I use :slight_smile: check em out, this is for ps4 of course

Hmm, seem a little big for day to day and working out.

I have Astro A30’s and A40’s for gaming.

I use myself a pair of “Skullcandy Hesh” headphones for Work, Running and DayZ. These bad boys have seen me through quite a lot be it PS4, PC or Work related activities. I’ll put up a picture of them for you.
The little bump in the wiring is the microphone and also acts as a play/pause. mute/unmute function.
Picked them up for 30£ during a sale and that was at least 2 years ago.

Check them out!

Edit: in my profile picture, I just noticed I’m wearing them if you want an idea for size.

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Thanks, looks like Hesh 2’s are about $45.

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Man knows his stuff!
They’re pretty decent, they get the job done and they’ve got a kick to them.

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I appreciate it. They’re added to my shortlist.

I has Astros for my gaming headset too

They are great eh? <3

Sorry can’t help you out. I go through earbuds like every couple months so I get the $15 ones from the source/RadioShack.

Skullcandy was mentioned earlier, I don’t know if they improved in quality over the last few years but I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with all four of my skullcandy earbuds/headphones. They used to REALLY focus on aesthetics and marketing, not so much their product, like beats by dre.

I’ve never owned a pair, but I’ve heard good things about Sennheiser.

Is earbuds actually good?I think they are not as comfortable as headphones if you play a lot.

For example i work for like 12 hours in the net cafe.That means wearing 12 hours headphones i need good comfort.

Altho at home i have the Steelseries siberia(amazing comfort) my friends sponsors(Pro Dota guy) Gave him some hyper X Cloud Headphones with a remote microphone.Those ones are also amazingly comfort.

Anyway my suggestion would be pay a little bit more and buy some comfortable headphones.

My only concern is that I don’t want to drop a ton on something that I take to the gym.

Headphone cables and I are not good bedfellows.

aaa that makes sense.

I’d reccomend then taking very cheap earbuds to have for the gym and the out-of-home activities and a set of headphones only for the PC.

Unless you are not sitting too much on PC then its understandable

I have Astros for gaming, but I can’t stand bad sound quality in headphones

I’m a mess of contradictions.

Hmmmm.I can say i’m happy about the quality with my Siberia.
I also heard Logitech has amazing headphones tho expensive.

Anyway that’s what i had to say.Headphones>earbuds for many hours of gaming.But that’s up to you :slight_smile:

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The Siberia looks on par with the Hesh 2 from above.

Added to the short list. Thanks!

Thanks for all your help, I’m going to narrow it down and order one today. :monster:

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