Heading to PAX East in Boston!


Hey everybody,

It’s been a busy couple of weeks preparing for PAX East this year! We’ve got an incredible experience for attendees planned, and wanted to let you know that @Chloe and I will be in attendance. So in case any of you are as well, keep an eye out for us and be sure to say hi!

It’ll be a hectic weekend, so the forums may be a little quiet during this time. I’ll do my best to get on here and update you guys with exciting action from the floor. But you can follow the coverage in real-time on our social media channels. @EvolveGame, @TurtleRock, and personal accounts: @ JD_2020 and @ChloeSkew. You can find Eolve and Turtle Rock Studios on Facebook as well.

Hope to see some of you there!



So the pax east is this weekend.


If you’re going and, plan to visit the Evolve booth, make sure you bring a change of underwear.



In fact, bring two changes!


I wish I could be there on the floor! And those pictures you guys posted… Is that a life size Goliath? D:


i hope people are recording their game footage


Why has no one posted a video yet? The Pax started yesterday and still no one has posted any gameplay yet D:


There aren’t any gameplay footage videos on youtube yet! I hope someone makes a video soon!


This is the ONLY gameplay i found and that was crap, no offense to the guy that made the video.


Even though its whack it still looks pretty cool.


PAX East 2014 Recap - Heroes of the Storm, Evolve. look for on YouTube as a small clip of Goliath.