Headcanon: Jack is the DD announcer


I think the announcer for DD sounds quite similar to Jack’s “Jackal voice,” albeit a little deeper. I guess that’s probably because they’re both going for the same style, gritty and dark, but I just thought it was funny to think about. The whole thing seems like a regular gorgon hunt seen through Jack’s overly-imaginative eyes.


Ha, so kind of like Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep type thing? For those of us who played BL2.


Haha, yeah! That definitely crossed my mind when I was typing the post up :stuck_out_tongue:


:jack_mask:: “As Caira found herself surrounded by the deadly abominations, her thoughts began drifting towards the man she alw…”
:caira_diaz:: “I’ve got a box full of napalm grenades with your name on it. You can start praying I don’t make it back to the ship and there’s zero chance of that.”


Like Evolve’s Very own Pyro vision?


I actually think it sounded more like Torvald than Jack.