Having Trouble with the Slim and Sunny combo?


Take out Sunny first, Sunny can’t boost herself.

No Sunny means.

  1. no cute little shield drones that get in your way
  2. no hunters flying away escaping your claws
  3. no mini nukes which are basically like Cabot’s railgun only less cheese.
  4. best of all, no cloaks.

Sunny...... WHAT!?

Also, capitalize on your insane knockback to make Slim useless. 30m is very small. Smack Sunny across the dome and kill her in a second or two. Slim won’t even get halfway there in time.


Well, this tatic can be used if support is Hank too.


Hmm… Sunny first, you say? I rather thought Slim. This is not easy to out-damage Slim’s healing. Not mentioning his mega-irritating spore cloud. … ?

^^^^ and spore cloud ?


i don’t get why people complain about the spore cloud, but when someone mentions cloak it’s “l2p noob. they are clearly visible with tracks and jetpack and stuff”. if you can see a cloaked hunter, you should have no problem seeing them in the spore cloud.


Sunny is the most fucking broken pos I’ve ever seen. She does way way way too much damage and her shield is ridiculous, no thought process at all just place it down then forget it. She does twice the damage of pre-nerf Cabot. If she isn’t nerfed I’ll return this game, which is a shame because I love this game.


Slim can’t keep up with the constant burst. This is one of the weaknesses of Slim.


The point of the cloud isn’t to impare monster viability. It renders sniffing impossible so its more difficult to keep trap of hunter positions and pick targets.


Or u could just beat her… like I did with behemoth. I’m not trying to be mean I’m just tired of the op yelling they have been out for a day. I didn’t find her that bad plus it’s a bit of a learning curve so obviously they are gonna be hard to beat at first but people will evolve hehe


I haven’t lost a monster game since they were released, but she is broken because she makes Hank totally irrelevant. Her shield is stronger and is 10 times easier to use, she can shield the team and continue her insane damage at the same time, and her jet pack boost makes a target untouchable or impossible to escape from. She outclasses every support because she can do too much, while also putting out assault level damage (the reason Cabot was nerfed) she either needs less utility or lowered damage. Can’t have the best of everything on one hunter.


Ignoring op criers, as a monster there hardly is a challenge once you figure out the team comp. But when you get outplayed you get outplayed… I generally try to keep track of who’s who before I’m spore’d. If not look for little hints mid battle. Like healing burst gives away his position. If I see a shield drone I make it a priority before its used. Then proceed to bash sunny for setting it up.


You have to admit that she does a pretty significant amount of damage while simultaneously providing her team with a shield at no expense to her potential damage output


A dome is 50m, healing burst is 30m. Wanna reconsider your small range statement? :smiley:


What are you talking about? Of course you can and slap a pricetag on it.


Only difference is the shield is easily foolable asong as u constantly switch targets it won’t shield them. I will admit jet pack boost is somewhat OP but just focus her down and ur good to go


Half of a dome is fifty. The entire thing is 100. That or somewhere around the 60-80 mark. Yes, 30m is small.


Well they said the healing burst has a 30m radius… so to put it in your words. Half a healing burst is 30, the entire thing is 60.

But in my current state of mind I wouldn’t bet if it was range or radius on the healing burst. However the normal healing burst already looks like 10-15m radius.


I’m unsure on that myself. I’ll test it today and get back to you on that.


Considering the amount you complain and curse about this game, I don’t think you understand what “love” means.

There are two ways to make an argument point, and you seem to choose the angry and hateful route every time instead of being clear and rational and, you know, civilized, but where’s the fun in that, right?


I honestly don’t see how it’s all that different than Hank. If she’s that annoying then just clip her first. Same thing most people do with Hank. Hank’s shield isn’t as strong but is controlled by a player and is much smarter in that respect, as you can reserve it and change targets quickly etc. while the drone is requires set up and isn’t as intelligent in that respect. One other thing; haven’t heard anyone complaining about being hit on the run with Sunny. Honestly she is one of the most versatile supports, which is why she is as good as she is. Her nuke discourages body camping, her jetpack booster can be used to help someone evade or someone chase the monster, and her shielding can help an overly focused hunter while allowing her to do other things. Her major downside? She will likely be lagging behind. That booster is going to slow her down, her weapon has some nasty knockback slowing her when passing wildlife, not to mention that she is going to spend the first ten seconds of a dome setting up a shield drone. Either use this to take her out first or take someone else out before she can get set and ready.