Having trouble ranking up

Not sure if my account is glitched or not but I am finding it impossible to climb up into the silver tier. I was sorted into the silver skilled rank, and have been demoted and stuck in bronze destroyer for the past two months. I consider myself above average skill, and frequently play with 2-3 friends in a premade team. The past few games have yielded me on average about +5 each game. The other members of my team are all silver skilled and we have been facing silver monsters. What I am confused by is that my friend who is a silver skilled would consistently get +19, +15 for games where I would only get +5, +4 against monsters above my skill level. I know that the ranking system averages our skills vs the monster but I just don’t understand why I get less points than my teammates when they are the higher ranks, and the same rank as the monsters we play.

Im going to tell you what I say to everyone that puts up these kind of posts.

If it is difficult, it might just be the spot for you!! That means you have found your skill level.

No haha you don’t understand what I am saying. The matches are not difficult, we are winning, however as a bronze destroyer I get no more than plus 5 points while my teammate and friend who is silver skilled gets plus 19 for the same match. Another teammate was a silver master and got plus 20 while I got plus 4 for fighting a silver skilled monster. I am a lower rank yet they get more points for beating a lesser opponent compared to skill levels. The only reason I am not ranked higher initially is because I did the placement matches with randoms and my friends did them with all of us playing together. I just need to get back into silver so I have competent teammates when playing alone.

Oh haha sorry for the misunderstanding. There are alot of variables put into the new ranking system. It could have been down to what your w/l ratio is from a difference to your friend. But a buddy of mine always gets more points than me, but he also loses way more

The point algorithm may think that they are “carrying” you so you get less points and they get more

Man what would I do for getting 5 points on a regular basis. I get 4 at best. And that is very rare. Mostly 1 or 2.