Having Trouble on Hunter? Here are some videos to help you


Edit: Some outdated tips

  1. Every hunter can dome. Trapper doming tips now apply to all hunters.
  2. Monsters don’t regenerate more stamina if being shot at now. Spray it in the back all you like
  3. Perks are outdated. I suggest Jetpack perks until you are confident with it.
  4. For your new DR perk on Assaults you shouldn’t use it at critical HP. You should use it when the monster is focusing you. It’s best used when you reach ~1/2 HP.
  5. The cloaking field works very similar to the new shield boost. Use it when your team is low or about to eat a ton of AoE damage. It’s much more reactive than proactive like cloak was.

Jetpack Management

Basic Tips

Advanced Tips


Hmmm maybe put the outdated tips at the top and make them big? I don’t want missinformation to be going around.

Grizzle has also made a few new vids with tips