Having trouble identifying the trapper


Any tips? Having a hard time deciding which one the trapper is after I get domed.


The Trapper’s name (the player tag) will appear in a greenish tint. I personally get the trapper and support mixed up a lot since the colors seem a little too similar to me but each class will have a color for the player name in-game so when you are pummeling them, try to discern the color. Orange/red is assault, green is trapper, yellow is support, and medic is blue.


The names are color coded, but this isn’t that easy for everyone to see

You can sniff to see their outlines and try and use this to recognize their outline, or you can try an watch for the weapons their using, but these can be hard to do and probably require practice and a level of familiarity with the game



This should be useful. Thank you.