Having Trouble Hunting

Hey guys! Xbox player here. I’ve been playing since Alpha, and have been with a full pre-made team of hunters since Beta. We have had a very good win ratio since launch and considered ourselves pretty good players.

This changed with Hunt 2.0 and the latest patch and I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly why. We can’t win anymore.

Despite losing the majority of placement matches and having a W/L ratio in the gutter, we did manage a silver skilled rank-- though I was hoping for higher. I have 3 theories. I’m curious what everyone else thinks and if you’re feeling the same way, or maybe it’s a combination of all 3.

1. Monsters are OP with this patch- The balance shift to encourage monsters to fight at stage 1 has allowed them to absolutely destroy hunters stage one. It feels like we’re the ones being hunted from the very start. I rarely play monster and don’t consider myself very good at it-- but 6 of my placement wins were at stage one with Wraith!

2. Ranked mode means we are facing better monsters– I don’t believe this to be the entire cause. We still run into the occasional scrub monster who is determining rank and we scrape by with a win…

3. We suck now– I have a hard time accepting this. There is a possibility that my team just hasn’t adapted to the new meta. It doesn’t seem possible to be suddenly this terrible at a game overnight though. We’ve been trying new strategies since the patch, but they all have the same depressing outcome. That’s why I waited a while to post this.

After a crushing defeat to a stage one Kraken last night, our team’s assault said “Well, this just isn’t fun.” That’s why I’m here asking you guys how you’re fairing.

I can’t imagine any hunter team winning a pub match with how things are going for us which makes me think it’s a balance issue. So those of you that are winning as hunters, what’s your general strategy now?