Having trouble copying Evolve game files from one PC to another


Hi there,

A friend of mine (who has slow internet) wants to copy Evolve’s game files from my PC to his through an external hard drive. However, once the files have been copied to his PC he still has to fully download the game. Steam doesn’t seem to recognize any files and tries to download the full game (which would take him a week).

Anyone got any idea’s? And yes, he has bought the game were not trying to scam or anything. Just trying to avoid a slow download speed this way.


Well I transfer between my SSD/RAID sometimes and never had an issue. Just copy the contents of the evolve folder under common, and possibly my docs if evolve makes one. Then delete local content on his PC. Transfer to his common folder. If that doesn’t work, it may be because he’s missing the required registry entries that are usually created upon installing a program.

Edit: here’s some more detailed steps, since I may have been too vague.

Start and then cancel the download on his machine and delete local files for the game.
Close Steam on the computer.
Copy the whole Evolve folder from your PC into Steam\SteamApps\common on his.
Delete the .exe since every user has it’s own .exe if Steam DRM is used.
Then try to verify file integrity.
That should work.