Having to wait for 4 people to start a game

IMO the whole matchmaking system needs to go back to the way it was. I hate getting into a matchmaking search and not able to get into the game because of people that just randomly leave or don’t pick the class. I also don’t like how you have to choose a class. What’s the point of your preferences if it does not matter? thenn after finding for willing players, you have to find a monster. There was no point of changing the system.

Please see patch notes for the hotfix that was just deployed.

Oh haha my bad, I don’t know how I didn’t see that . Thank you! Finally!

This is actually what I meant by this, why can’t I have a bot? I don’t mind. It’s better than having to wait another 5 minutes to find another person

We should penalize those leaver (monster/hunter) in leaving the lobby before the match even started.

Surely it’s better to wait a few more seconds to get a new player than having a bot on your team?

Not when those few seconds turn into 5 minutes or longer.

The Bots are awful!

Bots are so awful in this game.

I rather wait for a full team then having a bot on my team.

Bots are way better than most of the people you find in pub games. They are able to dodge, to shield you, to heal you. I had countless people during my games were the medic never healed, the support never shielded and the assault never did any damage

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The Laz that never ressed :wink:

He tried, but he was afk at the start and then he tried to revive me while you killed me off and then “my team is so bad”

Ahh… Gotcha. :stuck_out_tongue: Still. Teammates that AFK, then.

I wish it would just put bots in, at least the bot will heal/shield when you’re getting attacked. Some randoms I played with are just bad…really bad. Me n trapper left, I’m trying to escape while they still fight puts up dome. Monster gets S3, 3 of us are waiting at relay, but trapper goes after monster alone dies