Having push to talk mapped to the controller would be lovely (PC)


I really enjoy playing this in my home theater as opposed to at my office desk but as it stands, there is no mapped function on the controller for push to talk. Unless I’m a dummy, which is entirely possible, you have to have a wireless keyboard with you to PTT during a game.

Remappable controls in general would be lovely.



out of curiosity what button would you map it to?.. they’re pretty much all used as far as i can tell… i’ve always thought it’s weird though that there’s no push to talk button built into modern controllers. something on the bottom maybe that’s easy to hit without taking more time away from the analog sticks?


If the buttons were fully mappable, I’d set it to the dpad. The only function that serves that I know of is to switch between characters on solo mode?

I don’t believe left analog is currently used for anything.


Best button would be R3 on a classic XBOX controller.