Having problems with mobile browser

Hey, so ever since the server maintenance last week, my phone’s browser has been having difficulty properly loading the site. Whenever I try to post, the box that shows the text is halfway off of the screen making it impossible to even see what I’m typing and when browsing through the topics, all of the text is focused on the left side of my screen and the right side just shows the site’s background

It doesn’t look like this?

1 sec, I’m helping a customer then I’ll try uploading screenshots, if it will let me.
And no, it doesn’t for me

The top pic is what happened when I tried typing and it was incredibly difficult to hit the upload picture icon. I’ll try tagging @codinghorror to see if he has any suggestions

What browser are you using?

Default browser for android devices

Switch to mobile view, you are using the desktop view.

Desktop view in my browser setting was unchecked. I tried checking it then unchecking it and now I can’t load the forums -_-

Is chrome installed? Try that (it’s the browser I use) the default may not be compatible with discourse.

What about this option?

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If it says mobile view click it. If it days desktop view then you’re fine.

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Edit disregard this post, they seemed to fix it on the IOS

Yeah, my phone is saying “connection failed: couldn’t establish a secure connection” Not having this issue on other websites on my phone (currently on work computer right now)

Have you ever had issues before today?

Yeah, I’ve had the problems starting last week, but the connection failed only since I tried changing my mobile view under my phone settings

If you want to keep using the default browser, try clearing the app data.

Otherwise test out chrome, seems if you hit the same issues there.

Alrighty, I figured it might help to test the standard browser myself to see if I could mimic your issue. But, no dice.

Was this resolved? @Brandini