Having an issue when i try to find matches Solo


Greetings community.

A few of you may know that i’m new in Evolve i got the game not long ago i’m lvl 14/15 not sure. I know the game has bugs, glitches, a hunter or monster more OP than others but the real well complain i have with the game is when i try to find a match through Solo Multiplayer the games show me the lobby or matchmaking screen but i dont get to pick my character because i get pushed to a match already taking place.

It even happened to me to join a match and when i join in just a few seconds it’s over because the hunters or monster win…also as it doesn’t show me the character choice screen i have to take over a bot.

Anyone having the same issue? Do the devs know about this? Is there a solution?

Note: i play the game on PS4.