Haven't used slim since patch


I’m sad :frowning: He used to be my favorite medic. But this is the first time I saw TRS touch a medic for no reason other than whiners. Damage nerf fine. Didn’t need to be 30% but w/e. Then spore nerf. And now I barely ever see him being used anymore. There seems to be a Val resurgence though.

Two successive nerfs later, we have the weakest medic competitor with Laz. Is it such a sin to have someone other than Caira be worth picking?



I always see him…even inside that spore cloud. Then I kill him.



Exactly. The even smaller spore cloud to “shield” the medic who has to be up in the monsters face… with no damage and poor healing.



I get what you’re saying. I was trying to bring some levity to the situation.



I lose far more matches with val & laz on my team than I do with slim.
I don’t play as him, because I don’t have him, but he seems balanced to me.

You can’t compare anyone to caira, she’s just that good :stuck_out_tongue:
(Especially with a reload perk)



And I thought the developers were all about balancing. I can’t believe I fell to that one. Slim is weak and that’s the reason I don’t use him anymore but he is fun to use, I’ll give you that.



Gotta use a character before you make judgements man.



I dunno, I might argue that being away from the character, and experiencing the healing and seeing it in action I might have quite a bit of judgment to make.
But that all comes down to opinions, which could be debated infinitely.
I’d love to play the new characters, but my wife and I have a very…complicated situation right now, so I can’t spend any money
(I got the game on pre-order for 47$ on a sale, otherwise I would have gotten the monster race edition to start with)



I see what you did there xD

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I dunno about you, but I’m using him right now, hes still good as ever ^.^



Slim is rather squishy if support is rolling cabbage or bucket. That Leech gun can reload the healing burst in one shot at point blank range. The bigger the target the better. Practice it on some wildlife, helps you face tank better with him. I love reload speed with him, but I roll damage resistance sometimes, or jet pack recharge when I gotta get away. You can work with support ( or stay close n pray they cloak) it doubles the usefulness of the spore cloud.
He’s pretty fun, but I’d much rather Laz, not too confident using other medics…



So here is my 2 cents on the Slim post patch.


Slim is bonkers. The damage output is too much. Even a mediocre Slim is pulling in 10k damage a match is a lot for a medic to do. It’s like when Cabot was pulling in just south of 20k damage before is nerf. It took away from using his other tools like the healing bug and spore cloud. in fact, it wasn’t until after the nerf did I see a lot of “OMG SPORE CLOUD OP” Threads. That leads me to believe that a lot of people forgot it was there focusing on Slim’s damage potential. He was easily out-damaging other medics by a 2:1 margin.


Slim is too squishy. They nerfed his damage too much for what his role is. If Slim is gonna get close to the monster and risk health then 1 of 2 things needs to happen:

  • Do damage
  • Keep Range

Right now to get a decent recharge you have to be real close and you are probably going to take some hits. Slim’s healburst heals himself less than his teammates and any prolonged engagement with a monster puts him in a bad place. Slim needs to get in there, do damage, heal up, and book back out. Pop a Spore Grenade first and it can be real effective if Assault is pulling their weight. Right now everything is just under where Slim needs it to be a real threat. Macman has said that they were toying around with making Slim’s Leech gun act like Abes Custom Shotgun where if you slow the shots they become more accurate. He also said they may adjust his self heals (perhaps a slight buff).

Where Slim is Heading

Changing the Leech Gun will help against the Kraken and help players keep distance if an engagement goes bad and they still need to hit for heals and keep themselves safe. I think if they make those changes to Slim you will see the meta change where more aggressive and combat focused squads will run Slim. Therefore I am calling it now, Slim will be the next OP hunter. His ability to fuck with the monster’s smell, coupled with his superior Healing capabilities and damage potential, a good Slim medic will save a lot of asses and a great Slim player will win matches.

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Meh he was bad before patch, devs nerfed him without compensation because lazyness. All I can see it as. Macmans reasoning was illogical gibberish in the telemetry thread. Essentially whiners whined so nerf bat the weak guy. “Consider” buffing later. Because our patches totally come in such a short time.



Would love to see Slim’s leech gun turn into like Abe’s shotgun.

accurate from a far but add a bigger spread for rapid fire to compensate the new found accuracy.



If I remember correctly he had a higher W/L then Caira before the patch.



Macman said that it was partly due to him being paired up with another unbalanced hunter a lot (Sunny)



He is relativley useless against a Kraken currently…



everyone got an extra ten percent easy win when playing with Sunny. Especially when paired with Torvald.



Yep, thats part of the reason Slim seemed too stronk



I really like this, it will make him the most flexible medic in terms of combat tactics and utility.

Will also help add a more high level play style,