Haven't seen Rogue Val for a while now


I wonder if she is still viable since self sustainable medics(Slim, Emet) got buffed… Haven’t met RVal quite long myself, nor have I seen her getting picked by streamers.


She’s being picked a lot less because her healing was already kind of bad, then they nerfed it. She can keep herself alive alright but monsters don’t have to do much to outdamage the medgun.


Currently out of all other medics I would rate Rogue Val near the bottom of the list (very poor) her med gun isn’t sustainable & her healing field deactivates upon use of (self heal) until recharged. She has a good purpose of keeping herself healed for long periods of time but due to other issues, she can easily be avoided by the monster. Even with AoE regeneration & short range med gun she cannot put out enough heals. (Hank nerf pushing her further down the list) Without enough shield times I wouldn’t recommend her as a pick.


RVal nerfed to shit already… even the medgun can’t heal and save the team mates anymore… too damn low… they rather pick normal Val which can heal burst to and + med gun for better effect now…

It’s in the bottom of less picked char now


They also nerfed her damage too which isn’t helping.


I see her too much… and i always lose with her in team…


yeah… she is not very usefull. but i rather have her than quaira… so there is that :slight_smile: