Haven't played in a year. Is this game deserted?


Wow. This game went from lots of players to none… Where can I find people to talk about how dead this game is?


It’s not deserted, there are many people still playing. Title Update 9 comes out this summer and it’s looking like it will create big waves for Evolve.


the game isnt dead a lot ppl still play it
@Toiletwraith @Buckets_Sentry_Gun ?


i really hope it bring some ppl back ^^


thats a negative…

still lots of people. Community still going strong


A year gone and the only difference you noticed was a drop in the player-base?


Are we seriously not going to talk about how this guy comes across as another one of those Facebook trolls that simply posts “the game is dead” or “isn’t this game dead yet?” and then raves on and on about these so-called DLC issues the game used to have?

I mean, he wants to talk to people about dead the game is. Surely the official TRS forums wouldn’t be a suitable place for that, since everyone on here thinks the game is alive.


I´m not sure if [quote=“StartSwimming, post:7, topic:85152”]
everyone on here thinks the game is alive.
[/quote] as we all know about steam data for PC the last weeks (PS4 community seems to be not much higher I guess),

but: we had long threads about the development of the playerbase, discussing arguments back and forth. So @Cheelos if you are really interested about this, you can read through it and get updated. The mainthread was just closed today as the discussion kind of went into no man´s land. But feel free to browse through!


No it’s not :rage: Only hard to find games sometimes that’s it.


Depends on what time you play aswell.


On ps4 there’s a very small window in any day where you can find people,problem is it’s very tiny that more than likely you will come on outside that window.Now granted if you get a 3-4 man party it’s a lot faster but if you’re searching for a full team it will take hours.


I don’t think it will bring new players in this patch,it might bring back some of the hardcore fans who left but that’s it.


If I ever win the lottery, I’m donating it all to TRS to continue making new evolve content. And I’m gona make a commercial strictly about all the free new content that’s been added, with the adaptions.

cue awesome base line

“New weapons!!! New Hunter variations, for more in depth gameplay!!! New Monster adaptions that feel completely new!!! And it’s all free!!!”

“So tell the Internet trolls to go whine about Destiny!!!”

epic guitar solo


A game is dead if no one plays it anymore.

People still play Evolve (Myself included).

Therefore, Evolve is not dead.



If I win the lottery, I’m keeping some so I can have a big house with a lemon orchard, and a female butler called Lei Mon -.^


Dead? The Lazarus-device is readdy. :lazarus:
Who cares about the playerbace as long as the game is enjoyable. Still fun to discuss this point. It`s a bit like fan-service.


A lemon orchard? I’d be happy with a fondue fountain. :stuck_out_tongue:
A BIG, fondue fountain.


It’s by no means dead. It is in a rough patch right now. I feel like the delay of the patch really pushed a lot of people away. Now, when the patch comes, will people return? I sure hope so. Don’t want my favorite game to disappear.

So, no. Not dead. If anyone tries to tell you it’s going strong, however, they’re flat out lying. Because the strength of a multiplayer based game lies, and this is simply my opinion, in its community. Now Evolve has a fervent community - that is, those that still play it, really enjoy it, but it is not very populated at this time.


Yup. I love lemons.


Just bought this game, never played it, but it looks really fun. If you are new or a vet and love this game, add me on PSN or send me a message, i would love some consistent friends. Also into Dying Light, MKX