Haven't got Behemoth Challenge skin yet

I participated in the weekend event for the behemoth skin, and the menus says the skin is available but it’s not available for me. What’s the deal?!

It won’t be available before 23 july.


Not true, that’s the latest date till its available, it can be available before that date. but the official post on the menu on the game says it’s available.

Everytime an event like this happens we usually wait a few days before we get the skin… its not magic ya know…

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Well I just played a match before I played monster and we faced a behomoth with the skin.

i got the skin already

edit: be patient that stuff sorts itself out usually

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Everyone gets the skin at different times; it’s a bit of a slow process. You will have it by June 23, as the announcement says. If you don’t get it by that date, just send a ticket to support ( http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us ). For now, just be patient and it should come in. :smile:


Just relax. It takes time to get them out to everyone.

And you didn’t get “ripped off”. You have to pay for something to get ripped off. Lol.


We paid squashed hunters!


I just hope I got mine too. I got on last minute Sunday and only played a couple rounds. Which isn’t like me. I’ve been real busy this weekend with my dog. He had to have surgery to remove a huge mass that is cancerous. So sad.
So, I usually don’t miss these events, I’m just hoping my rounds counted.

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I was going to say something about being “ripped off” too in a much… less nice way, but I suppose I’ll leave it alone. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t played that much either, I was staying at my cousin’s house with no internet, I hope I can get it too and I hope your dog gets better, sorry to hear that.

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Thanks! He’s 12 already and known for awhile he’s been sick. It has spread a bit but the major damage has been taken care of. It’s a guess but the assumption is he has another year. But, he’s a tough guy so maybe he will kick its ass.

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Have your restarted your game since you saw it on someone else?

That’s a big negative sir

I would just keep waiting patiently for a little longer. When I updated the newsfeed the skin should have been available, but it isn’t odd for the entitlements to lag just a little bit.

Like it was mentioned previously, if you don’t see it by the 23rd, I would reach out to 2K support so they can get you sorted out. Thanks!

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If you don’t get it after the 23rd, you can remake this topic.

It takes varying times to deliver the skins. Be patient.

And it’s not possible to be “ripped off” if the content in question is free.