Havent been able to play multiplayer since i got the game


I got the game on xbox one 4 days ago with a massive hype for the online gameplay. Popped the game in and waited for an 8GB update once it finished i began playing. Went straight to multiplayer. Couldn’t find a single game just searches all the time. Cant join invites sent by friends either. Please this game is amazing and i would luke to play it online if u could please help me. I live in South Africa btw @macman @damjess


Sounds like a regional thing. Check your NAT settings. Also, familiarize yourself with and unlock every character in Solo, or you’re going to have a bad time learning in the mud pits.


I agree with @EyeOfCharon, it may be something to do with your region. Check your router settings, do a full power cycle on your router and Xbox. Hopefully that helps.