Have you seen this bug? - Dead Bodies Teleported Away


I’m looking for the original issue associated with this bug.

Only Lazarus would be able to tell if this issue was happening. Sometimes when a player died, their body would get teleported some odd hundred meters away. For most players who weren’t Lazarus, they might just see the body disappear completely, but I can’t really trust a report of that kind since it could just be the issue of a body falling underneath the ground, which is a different issue and not the one I’m looking for.

If anyone thinks they have seen it and can get a recent video of the issue that would be most helpful.

Another Lazarus Bug (Or maybe it's known)


Is it the same kind of thing as this? This wasn’t recent so might not be relevant to you, but as a reference Jack was on the canyon floor but ended up revived up on the Dam structure somewhere. http://www.twitch.tv/niaccurshi/v/10586429

This was August 11th though.


That is something unrelated.


Yes. Many times. Its not exactly rare.

It usually happens upon death, right after incap ends. Lowest teleport distance I’ve seen is 320-something, highest was over one thousand. Not entirely sure how the latter was possible.


I misread the “died” part as something different with Laz, sorry :smile:


If someone can get a video of the bug, I would like to show a programmer the issue, post-fix.


I have some really old videos of it, I think. I’ll try and play as much as Laz for the next 5 weeks so I can get a recent video.

If it appears :stuck_out_tongue:


I have seen this many times. I’m a Lazarus main (right behind Emet), so I’ll start playing him a lot again and see if I can find it again.

I can say though that it generally only seemed to occur when a body was attacked by a monster seconds after death, generally with some sort of knock back-inducing attack. Hope that helps.


Here’s an old video of mine that shows the bug happening. It’s a full game, but the link should start at about the point the bug takes place at.


@Nasha842 - I appreciate the video, but as a note this is dated back in April. We’ve implemented a fix since then and I’m trying to get proof to show the programmer that the issue still exists. It’s a good reference for anyone who isn’t clear on what I’m looking for as this should no longer be happening.

If anyone thinks they have seen it and can get a recent video of the issue that would be most helpful.


Yeah, I had a feeling that, that was likely the case but felt it might help in some small way if I provided it.


I wish I could help but I can say that it has happened fairly recently to me. Refueling tower on PS4. I was actually able to run across the map and get to them for the revive too.

One of the many reasons I never play Laz. I was pressured into it.


I once saw Laz rez someone and when they stood up, they were about 50m away. Last patch on Wraith Trap. Not sure if it’s the same.


Been tunning into games where the bodies would teleport if they died, sometimes the bodies go above the map and sometimes they just teleport somewhere else around the map. if we’re lucky the body will teleport where Laz can revive them.

I’ll make sure to have my game capture device ready in case it happens again.


I saw this happen about 4 hours ago. I was playing Laz in online ranked Hunt Mode against a Kraken on the Orbital Drill Map. He was level 3 and playing ring-a-rosy with me and another hunter around the Power Relay building. I had already made over 3 Rezs that match and either the assault or support (can’t remember which) got downed again. Couldn’t reach him while he was bleeding out but after he died I ran over. As soon as I tried to Rez the blue icon disappeared and reappeared out over towards the acid ocean, 632m away. At that point I figured he could catch the drop ship. :blush:

I don’t have a video but I can tell you I was on the UK London server in a pub game (no pre-made).

Hope that helps. @MrStrategio


What Platform are you on?


That’s a different bug, but we would also need a repro for that one.


I’ve had this happen everytime I play Orbital Drill and it only happens to the Assault. The body dies, then goes 999m away towards the acid ocean in the back of the map where the Armadon spawns. I play on PS4. The Comp we run is Laz, Cabot, Lennox, Crow. If that helps.


Sorry,only just saw this. I’m on PC. :blush: