Have you recently had any close intense matches?


Have you guys had any close matches recently?

Just a few minutes ago I played as the monster (which I am horrible at) I played as Goliath to help contribute to the event and let me tell you, the start was horrible. In the first dome I lost all my armor and 3 bars of health before finally getting away. I managed to give their Lazarus one strike so I guess I did good there :sweat_smile:

Anyway despite all this I did not give up hope and decided to go into sneak mode. I honestly didn’t think I would make even make it to stage three with how they were on my tail the whole match. Somehow I managed to survive a stage 2 encounter and they were separated from each other :smiling_imp: So I took down Torvald and Cabot and ate them!

When I made it to stage three they camped the power relay but I would have none of it! I attacked them like the monster I am and nearly downed them all and with only one bar of health left I chased down Griffin like a Goliath with nothing to lose and I did it! I actually won! My blood was pumping from the match that I was shaking from the experience… That was really fun.

Any war stories you would like to share? :smile:


Stage 3 Behemoth, half health, Full armor, facing down a full strikes Parnell, a 1 strike Maggie, a 2 strike Val, and a 2 strike Sunny.
Let it begin
Lob a lava bomb at the power generator to see if i can spook em out.
Roll up, feeling badass, arrive at the scene of a flaming Daisy, a 25% Val, a shielded Parnell, and a 20% Maggie being healed up.
Damn that felt good
Throw up a rock wall as Parnell flips on SS, effectively negating it.
Wind up for a tounge grab.
Wall drops.
Instagrab Parnell, greet him with a heavy attack followed by a lvl 3 fissure.
GG Parnell.
JP-RT has been repositioned, Sunny had been killing an elite tyrant and just now arrived to help.
Everyone starts shooting me.
I get my big behind kited so hard.
Rock Wall starts being Rock Wall and just wont form.
Y u do dis to meh
Finally a breakthrough.
Catch Sunny with a tounge grab, rock wall her in, then pound her to the ground.
Incapped, but still kickin.
“Eh she can wait” I say unknowingly.
Proceed to destroy JP-RT, then start chasing around Val. Armor is gone. Health is starting to get low.
“Fml, why do I have to be so big ;-;”
Suddenly i catch Val and
Shes shielded?
Omfg i forgot Daisy
Down Daisy, Fissure JP-RT, finally start getting a foothold.
Val falls to a crazy accurate Fissure.
Maggie is doin serious damage alongside Sunny.
3 Bars.
“Why am i so kite-able”
Finally snag Maggie, Wall her off, and pound her.
Sunny is all thats left.
1 Bar.
1 Hunter.
She Cloaks
Scrounge around like a madman, searching for tracks, searching for jetpack, searching for anything
Then i see it.
For a split second i see that stupid little trail.
Aim that lava bomb.
My body is ready
“Release the Kraken”
Can’t stop the rock starts playing
Confetti rains down
Start getting called a hacker
Bob, ILY Bob.


yeah monster had 1 healthbar left and i was the only one alife

was a ncie acm to kill the stage 3 monster


was playing behemoth with only one health bar left. all hunters ded except griffin. he rounds a corner. i pounce off a cliff and miss. he guns me down. i die.


Minutes ago. Four buddies vs a twitch streamer playing as Goliath. Me on Crow. Everyone on one strike, Support on two. Goliath Stage Three, bar and half left.

We wait for him to come to the realy, I start doing my magic. Magazine later, half a bar left (Headshots), armor still holding.

He goes and downs Medic and Assault in one charge. Another two heashots later, he’s sitting at two-hit kil range. Support cloaks me… and then dies by firebreath as I hit another headshot.

Teamspeak channel silent, me goes uncloaked, he goes into sneak to pounce me…

…And eats a headshot, which ends his life prematurely.

Channel dead silent, and then I slowly calm down, press the voicechat button and say:

“Fritz, for your own safety, do not insult the Hat.”

We laughed our asses off.


I had one sort of similar this weekend!

I, too, was Goliath-ing in order to help contribute. I was a little cocky at this point as I had just won four or so straight matches, but now I was facing a mostly new team. They domed me not only in stage 1, but also as soon as I evolved to stage 2. Needless to say, my health wasn’t looking too pretty. I don’t think I managed to get any downs during that fight, they were quite adept at dodging. I was trying to focus their Laz. As soon as the dome went down, I got the heck out of there, only to have my controller DIE. So I frantically go to get some batteries I bought earlier in the week and put them in my controller… suddenly realizing they seem too small… Because they’re AAA. I run to my alarm clock, take out its batteries, shove them in my controller, and somehow the bot managed to stay away from the team. I manage to evolve to stage 3 and then take them down in the relay fight, rather leisurely, actually. I drag out the fight a dropship or two just so I can help the challenge more >:). I claim victory in the end.

There was also this really epic sudden conclusion I had in another match. I was Stage 2 and they domed me, and my health was dropping pretty fast. I had just killed the medic and then downed the trapper, so I was about to make a run for it. The assault and support were coming at me from behind, and I figured I’d do one more Leap Smash just for good measure. I managed to incap BOTH with the splash damage, and won the match without meaning to. “Xbox, record that.” Haha.


Did indeed. Probably the most interesting match I’ve had since 2.0 against some players of E.P.G. That Damage output of Cabot + Markov took me completely by suprise. That was pretty much the first time I played the comp against a good team as Wraith and I’ve had a blast playing against it.


The most intense match i ever had was against a pre-made team of laz, abe, hyde, and bucket as a goliath. I can not seem to get them the entire game, and i am at stage 2 and then i see my opening to get laz straight out of the gate. I go for it and down him and i am hitting him hard with no armor on, while bucket and hyde are throwing out gas and sentries, i end up completely killing laz and then i start to hit hyde next to me, he thinks he is safe and jumps off the side of a cliff to fall, i hit him with a leap smash, and i find that bucket was right next to him, bucket jumps to the other side of the building i fire breath and down him, then i have one bar of health left and abe starts firing to finish me off, i pounce him and start slamming him, but then i realize that bucket is hitting my face with the downed gun, i watch as my health starts ticking down and abes health starts ticking down, i lost by only one more hit from pounce.