Have you had any "Evolve" moments in real life?


For example, I heard someone talking about a sports “arena”, and I legitimately thought he was talking about a mobile arena for a moment.


I’m not sure if this counts, but I did grow gills once and lived under the ocean for a while.


I looked at animals and wonder how many meats they are worth.


Me and three of my friends once chased a badger armed with various items we’d fashioned in our respective jobs. We found the badger feasting on the corpse of a recently deceased cat and we couldn’t believe our eyes when its skin started to bubble and tear before sprouting wings and taking to flight! Luckily we managed to beat it to death before it gathered it’s bearings.
The next day my friends and I awoke with massive hangovers and found that some b*****d had killed his dog whilst it was eating it’s dinner, the world is a cruel place.


Yeah. This one time, at band camp, we went to fight monsters on another planet. Crazy times.


You have a storm outside, and wonder when you will hear the Goliath roar in the distance…


I’m just waiting for my cat to get to stage 2. It’s been eating for f***ing ages!


One time I was watching UFC and I compared how this guy was tiring out his opponent in the first round to hunters weakening the monster at stage one. Weird I know